9 February 2020
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18 January 2018
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Post by T22_ots »

Hi I’m new to this so bare with.
Just wondered anyone can help me? On my horses passport there is unfortunately a lot of sections with unknown on it.
Date of foaling unknown which saddens me. However in one section it says Description taken with Dam. Then it has a date of 23-03-05. What does that exactly mean, description taken with dam? What it says? Any thoughts please?
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Re: Jester

Post by TracingEquines »

Hiya and welcome to the forum.

Have you checked with the passport company as to what the wording means ?

I read it as "description of your horse is current at that time as he with was his dam and his colour could change as he matures". The 23 March 2005 could be the date the description was wrote on the passport ?
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