21 February 2019
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Tracing a freezemark

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18 January 2018
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Tracing a freezemark

Post by TracingEquines » 10 Sep 2011, 10:27 pm

If your horse has been freeze-marked then that is another way to find out history providing that the registrations have been kept up to date. Please see details below of the 4 known freezemark companies in the UK and Ireland.

Google - http://www.google.co.uk
(sometimes putting the number into a search engine may bring up previous postings)


Alpha Building
London Road

Telephone - 0870 870 7107, Fax - 01270 616702

Website - http://www.farmkey.com
Email - info@farmkey.co.uk

Any combination of 2 letters and 2 numbers. (Early freeze marks have 3 numbers and 1 letter). A personal mark is available which is 3 letters and 1 number. On a Grey the 4 digits will be in a square. Farmkey will also do the "loss of use" mark which is an "L" in a circle. A MicroMark has been launched, in the shape of an upside down Omega, shows that the horse has been micro-chipped. Farmkey's freeze marking fees are listed on their web site. They have personal marks at an extra fee of £20.00 and they have to consist of 3 letters and 1 n i.e. PUD2 SAM1 AVA1

Farmkey also sell the following warning that horses are freeze marked:
A4Gates signs - £6.95
Rug badges - £2.50
Window stickers - £1.00

Discounts are being offered to BHS Riding Club members. For £15, Farmkey will write to previous owners, or pass on your correspondence, to find out the previous history of the horse being traced. However, Farmkey are able to give you a certain amount of information over the phone so do ask.

NB. If you bought your horse and don't have the original papers and want to re-register the freeze-mark, apply in your own name to Farmkey who will send new papers to you. The process takes 2-3 weeks and in that time they will also write to the person who was last registered as the owner to check that the horse has been sold and not stolen. If there is no response from the last person listed as the owner after 2 weeks Farmkey will transfer the details anyway to the person who has applied to re-register.

Equestrian Security Services

This company may no longer exist. Farmkey can register horses with ESS marks on their database for £25. The brand has up to 5 digits and has a diamond as a prefix or a suffix. Please call Farmkey so that they can send out some forms to fill in.

Changes in Farmkey - 16 April 2014

Please note - Farmkey have now pulled out of the freeze-marking sector, However we are outsourcing the freeze-marking to Premier Equimark.

Premier Equimark is a freeze-marking company set up by Farmkey freeze-marking technicians.

Farmkey decided to stop freeze-marking to concentrate on our security membership, we felt that we could give our customers a more comprehensive service and we wanted to dedicate our time to this.

Some of the technicians chose to carry on with the marking, and they had to set up as a new business, Premier Equimark.

We now work in partnership with them, they carry out the freeze-marking as before and then send us the paperwork to be added on to our database.

This ensures that the customers can have the 24 hour security membership which we pride ourselves on.

If you are interested in having your horse freeze-marked and are in Hertfordshire, Kent, Essex or home counties, please contact Jenny Fitzgerald on freezemarking@yahoo.co.uk

All other areas please contact Alison Duffield (based in Mid Wales) on freezemarking@premierequimark.co.uk

To clarify this news

Farmkey still deal with all aspects of the membership so any direct debits will still go out under farmkey, and farmkey still send out the renewal letters etc, basically everything has stayed the same, its just we as a company dont carry out the freeze marking.

Please email - info@farmkey.co.uk - if you have a registration query or amendment or you would like help with tracing a freezemarked horse

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Tracing a freezemark

Post by TracingEquines » 10 Sep 2011, 10:27 pm

Freezemark Ltd

Freezemark Ltd
Suite 220
29 – 30 Horse Fair
OX16 0BW

Telephone - 01295 788226 or 07779 262765

Website - http://www.freezemark.biz
Email - mary@freezemark.biz

The standard mark used by the company is a three-character combination of letters and numbers. Owners can, however, choose their own marks, using either 2 / 4 letters or 2 / 4 numbers and this has proved very popular. Examples are BEN, STAR, MAX, owners initials, e.g. MJA, CEH, etc Combinations such as 007 and 999 have also been selected. Of course, the combination can only be used once.

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Re: Tracing a freezemark

Post by TracingEquines » 16 Apr 2014, 4:03 pm

Padlock Ireland (ceased trading) - updated 12-feb-12

Padlock Ireland has ceased trading due to the recession. The owner will still help out with any stolen horses if required, contact Kimberly - roisin103 AT hotmail.com

Format was four letters 2 above 2 below as required with 2". One letter will be introduced at a later date when all number sequences have been used.

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Re: Tracing a freezemark

Post by TracingEquines » 16 Apr 2014, 8:21 pm

Northern Brand - updated 16-april-2014

Jo Milnes
West End Farm Stud
YO25 4NN

Tel - 01262 490570
Mobile - 07779 637507
Website - http://www.northernbrand.co.uk
Email - info@northernbrand.co.uk

Northern Brand is a company dedicated to the identification, security and traceability of animals. All horses freeze marked by NORTHERN BRAND will have a unique code prefixed by the star. The star prefix is unique to NORTHERN BRAND and enables national and international recognition to the NORTHERN BRAND Company, where data is kept for all horses freeze marked by us for the lifetime of the horse. They digitally photograph all horses freeze marked with our prefix.

Owners can choose a personalised mark 2-4 characters with the star prefix - subject to availability for no extra charge

Prices for freeze marking

1 Horse - £50
2 - 4 horses on same yard £45 each
5+ horses on same yard £40 each

For over 10 horses on same yard please contact us for a price per horse.

No extra charge for personalised marks subject to availability.
No annual registration fee charged.

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