9 February 2020
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British Spotted Pony

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28 January 2018
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British Spotted Pony

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I am trying to trace the history of a black varnish roan British Spotted Pony who was abandoned on a farmer’s land near Goss Moor, Cornwall. She is believed to have been foaled around 2010 and stands at approximately 34”. She is quirky to catch, you can’t get near her with a head collar in the field but she will willingly follow you in and is a very talkative mare, always nickering when she sees you. When frustrated she throws her head in a circle. Unfortunately she was not microchipped when rescued. She has four white hooves. She is now passported with the British Spotted Pony Society but on their supplementary register as her parentage is unknown. She is a lovely specimen of a British Spotted Pony and I would like to try and find out her back history. She is now known as Razzle.
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