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York - Report - 24 march 2017

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18 January 2018
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York - Report - 24 march 2017

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1 Bwlchclawdd Gwenno III No VAT
Red Roan Leopard Spot Filly Yearling to make under
Passport No: 826021101029353
Mini spotted yearling filly, should stay under 34ins, beautifully marked, spotting out
nicely. Would make an ideal brood mare. Her half sister is also in the sale, they would
make a perfect pair for driving. Worming up to date and feet done.

2 Gemma IV No VAT
Red Roan Leopard Spot Filly Yearling to make under
Passport No: 826021101029347
Mini spotted yearling filly, should stay under 34ins, nice markings. Her half sister is
also in the sale, they would make a perfect pair for driving. Worming up to date and
feet done.

3 Gwenest Lynn No VAT
Skewbald Filly Yearling 32ins
Sire: Valentine Cherakee
Valentine Popcorn
Valentine Bonnie
Dam: Gwenest Quaint
Uwchygraig Prince
Rockfire Anna
Passport No: 826039000BD1231
Beautiful skewbald, the last foal produced from this old established stud, Mr Tudor
Gwenest Stud, having now sadly retired from breeding. Not to be missed.

4 Orlas Polly No VAT
Skewbald Filly Yearling 37ins
Sire: Strathlene Quicksand
Tawna Yeoman
Dam: Tupton Orla
Kelly's Chiquita
Passport No: BD1442
Polly is as right as they come with a great head and body. I am confident she will
make a super show pony then go on to make an even better brood mare having good
blood lines behind her. She has had her feet trimmed and wormed up to date.
Not Sold

5 Chester Molly Lass No VAT
Skewbald Filly Yearling 27ins
Sire: Strathlene Quicksand
Tawna Yeoman
Dam: Flacten Chester Lass
Kelly's Chiquita
Passport No: BD1443
Molly is a eye catching little filly with nice markings. She will make a super show pony
and a great brood mare as she has some good colours running through her blood
such as black, cream, dun, and skewbald. Also feet trimmed and wormed up to date.
Not Sold

6 Meresands Dusty Caramel No VAT
Palomino Filly Yearling to make
Sire: Birchwood Gold Medal
Halstock Kieran
Dam: Hawksground Peach
Buzzinghill Celine
Passport No: 826039000BD1402
Well handled friendly Palomino yearling filly. Wormed, well groomed and stabled at
night. Both parents well bred 30ins Palominos.

7 Urswick Poppy No VAT
Skewbald Mare 6yrs 30ins
Sire: Merrylees Little Brave
South Sands Airborne
Dam: Hermits Verbena
Hermits Poppy
Passport No: 826039000AY0094
Has run with 30ins Palomino stallion, (Bowstridge Romeo), since mid August 2016.
Wormed, trimmed, stabled at night and well groomed.

8 Edern Gwen-Ann No VAT
Skewbald Filly Yearling to make
over 34ins
Sire: Edern Prysor
Edern Harfi Huws
Merry May of Fairley
Dam: Edern Celynen
Oxendale Hector
Isle of Mona Melody
Passport No: 826039000BD0947
Very nicely marked filly to make over 34ins, Sire skewbald 34ins, Dam black 39ins.
Will make a lovely pet or companion. Worming up to date and feet done.

9 Edern Morwenna No VAT
Palomino & White Filly Yearling to make
over 34ins
Sire: Edern Wil Same
Bothwellcastle Golden Wonder
Elsa's Diamond
Dam: Edern Mellten
Edern Prysor
Endrick Faithfull
Passport No: 826039000BD0944
Beautiful Palomino and white filly, dark Palomino patches in her summer coat, will
make over 34ins. Showing potential, ideal brood mare. Sire Palomino and white,
Grand Sire Palomino, half sister also in the sale, they would make the perfect driving

10 Loutin Bluebell No VAT
Filly Yearling Miniature
Sire: Botanybay Buster
Urswick Paddy
Butterstor Bumble Bee
Dam: Hermits Lucky Star
Romany Bob
Hermits Lucky Lass
Passport No: BS1426
Small yearling filly, both parents small piebalds. Wormed and feet trimmed to date, last
of Dad's ponies.

11 Littlewitty Dream Maker No VAT
Piebald Mare 12yrs 35ins
Sire: Astro Apollo
Barflat Slider
Dam: Hermits Valletta
Boltwood Celestail Star
Passport No: AR2814
Littlewitty is a very well put together pony that has bred two coloured foals in the past;
in more recent years has been a child's best friend doing all in hand classes; also in
the past driving but now sadly out grown. She is all wormed and feet trimmed up to
date ready for a new home either for a stud or a childs pony, she is one not to be

12 Mays Minnie No VAT
Chestnut Mare 10yrs 29ins
Sire: Littlewitty Beaujangles
Harlequin Tosca
Dam: Haytonview May
Plum Tree Tigerlilly
Passport No: AT1711
Minnie is a very small, well put together, mare that has bred one very small coloured
foal in the past but in more recent years has been a companion. She is not in foal for
this year. She is very well handled and wormed and feet trimmed up to date. She will
be a credit to any stud and no doubt give you some cracking foals in the near future.

13 Flactem Chester Lass (Katie) No VAT
Chestnut and white Mare 11yrs 32ins
Sire: Ardone Cracker
Topic of Brindister
Dam: Yarpha Mitzi
Moira of Houll
Passport No: AS0170
Katie is a coloured mare that has bred some great foals in the past and is a fantastic
mother. With cream, dun, chestnut, and skewbald in her breeding I am sure she will
carry on producing wonderful foals and colours for any future stud. She has also been
ridden and a big confidence giver to any child as she really does have a heart of gold.
Willing to please every time and loves to be pampered. Wormed and feet trimmed up
to date.
Not Sold
14 Fordhouse Cherry Blossom No VAT
Bay & White Filly Yearling 27ins
Sire: Kirkstall Jiminy Cricket
Dam: Athelney Rosie
Passport No: 826D0351
Very small minimally marked bay and white filly. Very smart little pony with exceptional
movement. Friendly and easy to do with an inquisitive nature.
15 Pinglewood Dun Deal No VAT
Bay Dun Filly 2yrs 30ins
Sire: Inglewood Puzzle
Dam: Pinglewood Martha
Passport No: 826039000BC0922
Rising 2 year old filly who is very well handled and easy to do in all ways. Vaccinated
flu and tetanus. Shown lightly with success, ready to go on and do more. Abundance
of mane and tail.

16 Edern Ailis No VAT
Piebald Filly Yearling to make
Sire: Hermits Adventure
Hermits Shogun
Benston Irene
Dam: Edern Madi
Mullacott Boris
Edern Ladi Wen
Passport No: 826039000BD0946
Unusually marked piebald filly with four white socks and a nice small head. Sire
piebald, Dam skewbald. Should mature to 32ins. Wormed up to date and feet done.
17 Edern Cori No VAT
Palomino & White Filly Yearling to make
over 34ins
Sire: Edern Wil Same
Bothwellcastle Golden Wonder
Elsa's Diamond
Dam: Edern Ceri
Edern Prysor
Muffin of Methven
Passport No: 826039000BD0945
Palomino and white (mostly white) filly to make over 34ins. Sire Palomino and white,
Grand Sire Palomino. Excellent brood mare prospect. Half sister also in the sale they
would make the perfect driving pair. Wormed up to date and feet done.
Not Sold

18 Harley Cracker Jack No VAT
Appaloosa Colt 3yrs 29ins
Passport No: 5828009141210460
Harley Cracker Jack is a real head turner. He has already matured into a great shape
pony with spots from head to toe. This little pony has a lot of character and has
already seen a lot as he was brought to England from the Netherlands as a youngster.
He has also been driving as a pair in a 4 wheel carriage. I am confident Jack has a big
future ahead of him and with a lot of spotted blood going through him; could only
imagine the dream foals he would produce as a stallion. I think he is a must have not
to be missed.
19 Fairytail Champagne Tinkerbelle No VAT
Liver Chestnut Mare 12yrs 30ins
Sire: Bulkgwyn Toby (201139)
Dam: Morjoy Puppet
Passport No: AR2094/M10
A true type Shetland mare. Tinks has produced quality foals for us who have been
retained. She has run with 30ins Palomino stallion for July/August this year. Easy to
do mare and good mother. Shown at local level with great success. Asset to any one
wanting quality ponies.
20 Newlandgreen Beatrice No VAT
Liver Chestnut Filly Yearling to make
Sire: Barflat Ronaldo
Dam: Glenroeburn Copper
Passport No: BD1366
SPSBS registered liver chestnut yearling filly. Friendly and well mannered. Neat little
head with tiny ears. Straight and correct. Good to catch and quiet to handle. Would do
well in the show ring. Only for sale as I'm wishing to retain one of my own foals this
Not Sold

21 Edern Titan No VAT
Piebald Colt Yearling 31ins
Sire: Hermits Adventure
Hermits Shogun
Benston Irene
Dam: Edern Telynores
Edern Prysor
Weewaif Penny Red
Passport No: 826039000BD0765
Nicely marked, ideal childs pony, pet or companion. Sire piebald, Dam skewbald.
Wormed and feet done.
22 Edern Trojan No VAT
Piebald Colt Yearling 30ins
Sire: Hermits Prince Charming
Skyrack Stroller
Hermits Lucky Charm
Dam: Edern Cadi Mai
Edern Prysor
Edern Clochen
Passport No: 826039000BD0883
Lots of piebald in his breeding. Lovely pet or companion. Worming and feet done.
23 Edern Bowen No VAT
Grey & White Colt Yearling 29ins
Sire: Hermits Adventure
Hermits Shogun
Benston Irene
Dam: Edern Branwen
Edern Filmstar
Clivocast Isla
Passport No: 82603900BD1327
Grey and white colt with lots of Island breeding, stallion or show potential. Sire piebald,
Dam grey and white. Wormed and feet done.

24 Stranduff Isobella No VAT
Black & White Mare 8yrs 32ins
Sire: Stranduff Storm Chief
Stranduff Shrimp
Stranduff Marie
Dam: Stranduff Charlotte
Speckle of Berry
Carmel of Guddon
Passport No: 826039000AW1166
Nice quiet pony, has bred 2 foals. Regularly wormed. When purchased as a foal she
was top price on that day at the Aberdeen sale. The only reason she is for sale is the
grandchildren have completely lost interest and so she is going to waste. She was not
put to a stallion last year.
25 Wharmton Royal Monarch (Glen) No VAT
Brown Colt Yearling to make
Sire: Hedderwick Romancer (AN2105/S06-060)
Wells Royal Gold (AB14015)
Dam: Ravenside Liberty (AW0575/M16)
Ravenside Attraction (AQ-0445)
Passport No: 826039000BD0622
A unique opportunity to purchase a potential show winner with impeccable blood lines.
His sire produced the Great Yorkshire Show winner in 2016. His Grand Sire was
reserve Shetland Champion at the Great Yorkshire Spring Show in 2010 and also
reserve best male at the Royal Highland Show in 2011. Glen has been well handled
and has a lovely temperament with plenty of bone and should mature to about 40ins.
He is easy to catch and comes to you in the field when called. Reluctant sale as he is
too closely related to my other mares. His mother Ravenside Liberty is also in the
same sale.

26 Ravenside Liberty No VAT
Black Mare 8yrs 39ins
Sire: Wells Royal Gold (AB14015)
Wells Rising Tide (003574S)
Dam: Ravenside Attraction (AQ0445)
Wells Valerie (013575M)
Passport No: 826039000AW0575
If you are looking for "Wells" bloodlines then Ravenside Liberty's sire carries the very
best "V" bloodlines with very good strong bones and excellent conformation. These
factors have been passed to Libby who has a wealth of mane and wonderful
temperament. Her first and only foal, Wharmton Royal Monarch, is also in the sale.
Although well handled she could easily be broken in and would make a very good
child's pony. Reluctant sale as no potential riders.
27 Edern Moomin (Top Cat) No VAT
Piebald mostly Black Colt Yearling to make
Sire: Hermits Treasure
Twyfords Rodney
Hermits Elite
Dam: Jambarrie Tulip
Fairytale Rocket Man
Goytre Lobby Lou
Passport No: 826039000BD1203
Tiny well put together little colt, will mature to 29/30ins. Sire piebald, Dam black with
socks. Stable name Top Cat. Will make a wonderful pet or companion. Worming and
feet done.

28 Edern Marshall No VAT
Chestnut with Socks Colt Yearling to make
Sire: Mullacott Boris
Stranduff Mist
Copper silt
Dam: Quakers Mallow
Sage of Glebefarm
Quakers Carraway
Passport No: 826039000BD0888
Beautiful chestnut colt with white socks, should mature to 30/31ins. Very well bred,
stallion potential. Worming up to date, feet done.
29 Jedhart Sir Uno No VAT
Black Colt 3yrs 41ins
Sire: Kinness Sir William
Wells Premier
Dam: Kinness Velma
Millhouse Vanessa
Passport No: BB0660
Up to height 3 year old Colt with many successes in show ring. Will go on to make a
good stallion.
30 Henson Diva No VAT
Palomino Mare 17yrs 35ins
Sire: Cwmhen Omega
Dam: Gwyddil Dynasty
Passport No: 826069000AK0445
Only for sale as I have sold the stallion she runs with so is wasted here; so not in foal
for 2017. Has bred every time put to the stallion previously and is an easy foaler
producing five superb foals with lovely temperaments since I owned her. Her last foal
being a cremello colt now standing as stallion at a top Republic of Ireland stud. Kind
natured ready to run with your stallion or would make a lovely companion.

31 Grimpowood Scarlett O'Hara No VAT
Chestnut with Flaxen
Mane and Tail
Mare 11yrs 33.5ins
Sire: Firth Honeyclover
Dam: Firth Sapphire
Passport No: AS0570
Scarlett is for sale as I have sold the stallion she used to run with as I am reducing
numbers to retain my home bred ponies. She has bred me three fillies and one colt
and I am retaining her 2016 filly as a show pony. Her parents and grand parents on
both sides are all Firth bred; so would be of interest to breeders wanting to continue
this famous breeding line. Not in foal for 2017 so ready to put to your stallion. Has a
superb friendly temperament and easy to do in every way.
32 Starborn Tictac No VAT
Pintaloosa Colt Yearling to make
Passport No: 826015PIN16014M
Good natured, halter broken, corn fed, would make a lovely childs pony. Wormed and
feet trimmed.
33 Wrentnall Darcy No VAT
Chestnut Filly Yearling under 12hh
Sire: Sardis Pascal (68490)
Baldeon Hy-Line
Dam: Wrentnall Dreamer
Passport No: 178127
Welsh Section A yearling filly. Chestnut with 4 white socks and blaze. Shown lightly but
successfully as a foal in the foal shows. Sire has been Champion on numerous
occasions and we are sure that Wrentnall Darcy will hold a similar future. She is a very
pretty pony and will make a superb childs FR/LR pony.

34 Dowhills Dark Affair No VAT
Dark Bay Colt Yearling 11.2hh
Sire: Megland Very Smart
Stanley Grange Cocksure
Dam: Dowhills Weather Firl
Buckhurst Ballerina
Passport No: BRPSB14358C
10 month old very well bred Colt with stunning movements and scope to become a
great riding pony.
Not Sold
35 Starborn Uptown Girl No VAT
Pintaloosa Filly Yearling to make
Passport No: 826015PIN16016F
Very flashy, would make a nice show pony. Halter broken, corn fed, wormed and feet
trimmed. Eligible to be registered with the Welsh Pony and Cob Society.
36 Eppynt Silver Missy No VAT
Grey Mare 7yrs 11.2hh
Sire: Eppynt Skyline (49303)
Dam: Eppynt Silver Miss
Passport No: 826046020160027
Good to catch and with farrier, up to date with flu and tetanus vaccinations. She has
been shown in hand. Sad sale as no rider, so turned away over winter, needs bringing
back into work.

37 Wrentnall River Phoenix No VAT
Chestnut Colt Yearling under 12hh
Sire: Brierdene Nightowl
Littlestones Red Fox
Dam: Wrentnall Riverdance
Passport No: 103366
Welsh Section A yearling colt. Both Sire, Brierdene Nightowl, and Grand Sire
Brierdene Napoleon, are medal winning stallions. River Phoenix was shown
successfully as a foal and will go on to make a fabulous LR/FR pony.
Not Sold
38 Jiggy No VAT
Skewbald Gelding 12yrs 11.3hh
Passport No: 826069000206250
Jiggy, a Welsh Section A X Shetland, great on the ground with tiny tots, doesn't kick or
bite and will follow them like a dog. Will turnout with mares and geldings. Great with
the kids when at show in hand classes. Good with the farrier and to load on the trailer.
He does ride and is good in traffic.
39 Starborn Scotch on the Rocks No VAT
Bay with White Socks Colt Yearling to make
Passport No: 8260151607PM00
Very friendly and outgoing, halter broken, corn fed, would make a lovely childs pony.
Wormed and feet trimmed. Eligible to be registered with the Welsh Pony and Cob

40 Wrentnall Reggie No VAT
Black Colt Yearling under 12hh
Sire: Brierdene Nightowl
Littlestones Red Fox
Dam: Barracks Lady in Red
Passport No: 103367
Welsh Section A yearling colt. Black with 3 white socks and a white blaze. Very eye
catching and stands with a presence.
Not Sold
41 Tremoreland Flame No VAT
Bay Mare 13yrs 13.2hh
Passport No: 826021101016167
Sweet mare has been in the riding school for the last 4 years. Ready to go on and do
other things. Will make someone a real lovely pony. Good home is being asked for.
42 Carlton Lima Foxy (Frankie) No VAT
Black Stallion 6yrs 13.1hh
Sire: Carlton Lima Thomas
Dam: Carlton Lima Princess
Passport No: 826049000024470
Frankie is a lovely well natured gentle black cob stallion who has excelled in the past
at the Yorkshire Show as a 2 year old. Frankie has been backed and ridden but turned
out for the last 12 months. Good to box and catch, he is a good ride but needs
bringing on.

43 Ullord Avril No VAT
Grey Mare 10yrs 14.2hh
Sire: Currcachmore Cashel
Roseharley Rowley
Dam: Sweet Albanys Rose
Tolka Bridge
Passport No: M1-372100400017908
Green papered, well bred, registered Class 1 Connemara mare. Lovely sweet mare,
good conformation. Has been in same home since the start of summer 2016. A 5 star
home wanted.
44 Benvarden Mescalero No VAT
Bay Blanket Spot Roan Gelding 7yrs 15hh
Sire: Spot the Difference
Dam: Benvarden Jewel
Passport No: 826083000001633
Appaloosa gelding by Spot the Difference.
45 Tickety Boo (Boogie) No VAT
Grey Appaloosa Gelding 8yrs 15.2hh
Passport No: 8260690001957570
Boogie is a sweet natured horse who is looking for a project home. He is starting to
show some promising paces on the flat and has popped a small fence. Hacks out
alone or with company but can be spooky. Good to clip, travel, load, farrier and
dentist. Boogie needs a confident rider who is looking for a project as he is a nervous
46 Jake No VAT
Palomino Gelding 11yrs 15.3hh
Passport No: 372069000146571
Jake is an all rounder, hacks alone or in company, goes first or last, good in traffic,
jumps coloured and natural fences, good to catch, no vices, needs a confident rider.

Details at time of sale
Details at time of sale
Not Sold
Details at time of sale
Not Sold
50 Tirrick of Pinehoulland No VAT
Piebald Colt Yearling 27ins
Sire: Checker of Berry
Chicwin of Berry
Dam: Gott Prana
Brooke of Berry
Passport No: 82603900BD0484
Pinehoulland is a well marked colt that came all way from the Shetland Isles last year.
Reducing numbers forces sale of this little chap. With some solid coloured breeding
behind him he will make a good stallion or child's pony. Feet trimmed and wormed to
Not Sold

51 Hermits Tuckedo (Tucker) No VAT
Piebald Stallion 8yrs 30ins
Sire: Hermits Splendour
Spriwa of Berry
Dam: Roadside Faith
Hermits Lady Eleanor
Passport No: 826039000AW0212
"Tucker" has a kind and soft nature, he is easy to handle, catch and box as well as
being a lovely mover and has much potential for showing. Tucker has sired three foals
all being fillies; who have gone on to win places at various shows across the Country.
Tucker likes "The Ladies" and would make a great Stud pony.
Not Sold
Details at time of sale
Not Sold
53 Bangtidy Little Mix No VAT
Bay Mare 6yrs 12hh
Sire: Langfield Green Howard
Dam: Gunthwaite Autumn Leaves
Passport No: 826046050024470
Charlie was originally bought to break as first ridden pony but not shown the
temperament to fulfill this role. Charlie has been long reined and lightly backed.
Excellent breeding and would make a lovely brood mare or a nice driving pony. Up to
date with feet and worming. Green passport with WPCS.

54 Jazz No VAT
Chestnut Mare 10yrs 13hh
Sire: Lemonshill Top Note
Dam: Balckstone Enchantment
Passport No: 82604602148207
Jazz is by the top Welsh Section B stallion Lemonshill Top Note. She has previously
done all pony club activities, show jumped, XC. Hacks out alone or in company, great
in traffic. Jazz loves people and is very sweet and easily handled by children. Stands
for the smallest of children to groom her, Clears 90cm on the lunge with ease, up to
date with jabs. Sadly Jazz is for sale as no regular jockey and is currently been wasted
with us, she will be SOLD WITHOUT WARRANTY
Details at time of sale
56 Icarus No VAT
Dapple Grey Gelding 4yrs 16.1hh
Dam: Aquata
Passport No: 528003201307270
Super 4 year old. Fantastic nature and well bred and has very good KWPN bloodlines.
Ready to break and start bringing into work. Will make ideal event prospect.
57 Hightimes No VAT
Bay Gelding 6yrs 17hh
Sire: Alice's Diamond Slipper
Passport No: 826034510007953
Potential WH/H/event/all rounder, a really nice hunter, professionally broken, has 3
good paces. Has been worked lightly and attended clinic but due to work commitments
this horse is still a novice. He has jumped but needs restarting, ready to further his
knowledge. Would suit an experienced rider who wants to compete. Rides out in
company, light traffic, good to clip, shoe.

Details at time of sale
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