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Missing Horses on Loan (MHOL)

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Missing Horses on Loan (MHOL)

Post by TracingEquines » 06 Jun 2015, 11:54 pm

These are links to news articles that were posted on the MHOL website.

Horses sold for petfood as owners duped
Sunday 28 January 2001
http://www.theguardian.com/uk/2001/jan/ ... ory-byline

Missing loan horse court case dropped
18 November, 2004
http://www.horseandhound.co.uk/horse-ca ... pped-59525

Horse owners respond to H&H ‘missing on loan’ story
27 June, 2008
http://www.horseandhound.co.uk/news/hor ... ory-262411

Warning to horse owners to protect older horses
23 January, 2009
http://www.horseandhound.co.uk/news/war ... ses-275688

Stable boy sold bosses' horse over the internet
20 May 2009
http://www.eastbourneherald.co.uk/news/ ... -1-1425040

Stable lads spared from prison
10 June 2009
http://www.eastbourneherald.co.uk/news/ ... -1-1426843

Buyers warned to be wary of advert fraud
3 July 2009
http://www.horseandhound.co.uk/news/buy ... aud-285548

‘Stolen’ horses must be returned to Belgium
30 June, 2011
http://www.horseandhound.co.uk/showjump ... ium-308395

Missing on loan — a lesson for all owners
29 July 2011
http://www.horseandhound.co.uk/news/mis ... ers-308937

Stable worker stole former racehorse
08 October 2011
http://www.eadt.co.uk/news/stable_worke ... _1_1083443

Yorkshire dealer pleads guilty to two charges of fraud
3 February, 2012
http://www.horseandhound.co.uk/news/yor ... aud-311313

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Information wanted - Sassy, Fleur, Hattie, Skittle

Post by TracingEquines » 22 Feb 2016, 2:44 pm

2008 - Sassy, 15.3hh, chestnut gelding

2011 - Fleur (Southern Dancer), 16hh, dark brown/black mare

2013 - Hattie, 14hh approx, cream mare

2013 - Skittle, 16hh, roan gelding

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About MHOL

Post by TracingEquines » 22 Feb 2016, 2:51 pm

The Missing Horses on Loan website was online from 2009 to 2014.
The domain name had become available to buy so I purchased it last night, partly to keep it "safe" and partly as it goes well with Tracing Equines

I was not part of the original admin for the MHOL website so I have no access to any information other than what has been posted here (copied from their website)
Please Note - I have no access to the MHOL email address - I have no access to the MHOL phone number

This section will remain online for a year, to give people chance to get in touch with updates on the horses in here
After this, the horse details will be moved to the Horsewatch section and the website articles will be moved to the Tackroom Gossip section

Website Pages

A website dedicated to equines Missing On Loan

Contact MHOL
Dodgy Dealings
Horse owners duped
Horses found
Information needed
Latest Scam
Loan Advice
Missing on Loan
NED Press Release
News Items
Pending Prosecutions
Prove Ownership
Rogue Dealers Charged
Theft Act 1968

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Are you searching for your horse?

Post by TracingEquines » 22 Feb 2016, 3:41 pm


Are you searching for your horse?

Horses and ponies go missing on loan every day, from all over the country, this is not the first case nor will it be the last. Even with a loan agreement there seems to be a loophole that some unscrupulous people will use to their advantage without any thought for the horse. Sometimes the horses are found and can be returned to the rightful owner, unless they end up with a fate of Lady and Gwendolyn.

This site is dedicated to the memory of Lady and Gwendolyn, two well loved horse's from Norfolk that were sold on by their loanee through Melton Mowbray Horse Sales, and then sadly ended up in an abattoir in Cheshire.

Lady and Gwendolyn were advertised on loan in Norfolk and a lady answered the advert and took the mares as companions to her son's shetland pony on the 3rd October 2008. A BHS Loan agreement was signed, the loanee used an address in King's Lynn. The loanee kept in contact by text until the end of November then the messages stopped.

Lady and Gwens owner decided to "google" her number and found she was a"dealer" and immediately became suspicious, she "googled" the loanees name and found that she was wanted in connection with missing on loan horses by Essex Police. The matter was reported to the police with the help of Essex Police and a statement was made on January 6th 2009, on the 20th January 2009 she found out from the abattoir in Cheshire that they had been slaughtered after being sold through Melton Mowbray Market with illegal passports, the horses had been registered under different names and using another false name and address. This happened even though one of the horses was freezemarked and micro-chipped!

As horse and pony owners we feel extremely let down by the Horse Passport Societies and by creating this site we will work together to raise awareness of the loophole that has been overlooked and so these poor, loved mare's death's have not been taken in vain, and to stop this happening again.

If you have any info on this case please email it to xxx

If you have a horse or pony missing on loan and would like us to advertise it on here for free please email us photos and all details to xxx

Please remember to include the crime reference number and the police details


To download a copy of the British Horse Society Loan Agreement (Sample Loan Agreement) click HERE = http://www.bhs.org.uk/welfare-and-care/free-leaflets

The BHS loan or Lease information can be downloaded from HERE (pdf not found)

"Loan agreements should always be in writing. It should establish who the owner is, who is to pay veterinary fees, etc. Above all, it should state upon whose authority the animal may be destroyed. And while a verbal agreement may be legally binding, it is worthless in evidence, so is of no use whatsoever."

The Stolen Horse Register will always remain the central database for information of missing horses whether stolen or sold on while on loan or simply missing on loan, this site is just another tool in the box to help find your horse or pony = www.stolenhorseregister.com


Tim the Arab with his owner Lisa, found but not home, despite the person who had Tim on loan admitted selling him, the police, gave her a caution for theft. Tim was located in Scotland but because it's Scottish Law she will have to fight to get him back.

Everyone involved with Missing Horses on Loan would like to say a big thank you to Benji Stockdale from Eskdale Saddlery in Longtown for the generous donation of £200 towards legal fees for Lisa to reclaim Tim.

NEWS FLASH-Tim is Home!, recovered in December 2009

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Horses Found

Post by TracingEquines » 22 Feb 2016, 3:54 pm

QUINCY 26DU-Found but not recovered


Burt-Found and case happily resolved

Burt was found in a happy home and well cared for, he stayed with Annette and she kept in touch with his owner Melanie. Sadly Burt has since passed on but Annette and Melanie still stay in contact.

LIBBY A69X-Found but not recovered as another one who sadly ended up in an abattoir care of the loanee


Shadow-found and Recovered-July 2009

14.3 Grey Gelding 13yrs old Welsh Section D x Hanovarian. Thick stocky build with very wide forehead. Missing from Bolton Area along with his blue Rice trailer.

Shadow and his trailer were recovered after finding his details advertising him for sale in the Widnes area, police investigation is ongoing.

Siena, found and recovered July 2009

Missing on loan since 28 June 2009, 16.2hh Chestnut dutch warmblood gelding, star and stripe on face, looks like and i or upside down exclamation mark! Freezemarked E52F, CRIME REFERENCE NUMBER 394 070709

Siena was found in Lincolnshire in July 2009, police investigations are continuing.

Troy, found and recovered Aug 2009

Troy is a handsome 15.2hh black cob gelding with 4 white legs which are quite distinctive, he has a white blaze which narrows at the nose. he has a considerable sized lump probably a sarcoid in the girth area.Troy doesn't load and has to be sedated to travel, the owner was told he was going straight to Marshfoot Lane, Hailsham, East Sussex which the owner had already home checked. Information already received seems he didn't even get there. Troy is very nappy. Troy went on loan to a Dawn Randall, who has since declined to answer the phone.

Troy has now been found and returned, the person who took Troy on loan is appearing in Crown Court charged with theft on August 10th 2010.

Janie, found and recovered Aug 2009

Janie is a 14 year old 15.2hh skewbald mare, she was put on loan to a Sue DaSilva in Marshfoot Lane, Hailsham, East Sussex, in September 2008, the owner was told in March 2009 that Janie had been put down, but had been seen in the area being ridden when she was supposedly dead! The loanee cannot produce evidence that Janie is dead, we are offering a reward to find Janie and prosecute the person who has sold her. Janie has some distinctive features, one 'lumpy' hock due to previous injury, a black patch on top lip under the pink part of her nose and a black forelock and front part of her mane which is then white the rest of the way down.

Janie was found and living with a loving family, the person who took Janie on loan is appearing in Crown court charged with theft on the 10th August 2010.

Muphasa, found and recovered Nov 2009

Muphasa went on loan in June 2009, the loanee moved yards in an attempt to lose contact with the owner, he was located on Saturday 14th November and is now with his owner, thanks to every one involved.

Tim, found and recovered Dec 2009

Trying to trace the location of:- Chestnut Arab Gelding, 19 yrs old, four white socks & hooves, white blaze, Freeze Mark 19MM. Last know location, Rotherham. Trying to trace after being sold whilst on loan. Desperate for any information that anyone can offer. His loving home awaits his return.

Sex :Gelding
Age : 19
Height : 15.3hh
Colour : Chestnut
Crime ref : 533 - 07.01.09
Contact details : Owners Mobile Number 07783 767876
Markings : 4 White socks & hooves, white blaze
Additional Info: Was sold whilst on loan
Freeze Mark : 19MM
Officer Dealing: P.C Richards 3464 Tel : 01709 832207

Tim has been found in Scotland, the person who loaned him Louise Coombs from Rotherham admitted selling Tim and received a caution. Lisa, Tim's owner has been and identified Tim and is in the middle of a civil case to retrieve Tim because of cross border law, Louise Coombs was not made to return the money she made from the profits of the sale.

Happy ending but with a warning

Great care is needed over checking the details of your loan agreement and keeping in touch with your horse by visiting not just listening. Lisa has only just been reunited with Tim on the 19th December 2009 after putting Tim out on loan in August 2007 with an agreement to which he was then sold on by the loanee, when she had financial problems but failed to inform Lisa. Many emails were exchanged initially but it now seems Tim had already been sold on.

In July 2008 Tim was sold in Wigton horse sales, we have since found out not through the ring,, his passport and sale details had him documented as a ten tear old and not an 18 year old, Tim was then sold onto Kilmarnock in Scotland which made him come under Scottish jurisdiction and not English, a anonymous phone call earlier this year located Tim, police were informed and investigations were started, on the 10th June 2009 Lisa went to Scotland and officially identified Tim as her stolen horse. But had to leave with out him.

On July 1st 2009 the loanee was given an official caution for theft and Lisa was advised by the police that it was then a civil matter for her to reclaim her horse as English law had no jurisdiction on Scottish soil.

Only in recent weeks have over the border police and trading standards been persuaded to intervene and Tim was handed back to Lisa.

The police have a tendency to look at loan agreements as civil in a large amount of cases. Loans can work but great care needs to be taken, don’t believe what you are told by phone or email, visit or get someone else to on your behalf.

Aug 07-Dec 09 but she did get him back, which sadly isn’t always the case.

Wingnut, found and recovered Jan 2010


Pepsy, found and recovered Aug 2010

Pepsy went on loan to Lucy in Atherstone, Warwickshire, when Lucy relocated to Melton Mowbray and decided she could no longer look after Pepsy she loaned him without consent and then asked for the new loanee for money, she sold him without a passport. His new "owner" had no idea about this until we traced her in July 2010, she gave Pepsy back to his owner Sharon, who has moved him back home and is not letting him out of her sight.

Ayesha-Found and Recovered December 2010


Domino-Found and Recovered Jan 2011


Buzz-Found Nov 23 2010

Following a news story in the papers, Buzz'snew "owners" realised they had a stolen horse and contacted his owner, they will be reunited later today, another happy ending...

Saska-Found and Recovered March 2011


Wingneat Duchess- Alice, Recovered February 2011

18 months ago I gave my horse away as a companion to who I thought would give my beloved pony a home for life. However the person she went to has since sold her even though we agreed that she would be returned to me should there be any problems e.g financial or time. After 1 year of searching, I have now found my horse and found that she has been sold on to a new owner illegally as she is still in my name on the passport and no money exchanged hands on the transfer of the horse.

The police are now investigating, however this can be a long process. I would like to inform all vets in the area that this horse already has a passport and I have had a tip off that the lady who now has her may try to get another in her name and giving the horse a new name.

Unfortunately the only way I can think of stopping this from happening is asking everyone to be vigilant if asked to create a passport for the following horse -

She is known as Duchess although her real name is Alice. Her show name is Wingneath Duchess.

Date of Birth 31-Jan-1986
Gender Female
Colour Chestnut
Height 150cm
Breed ARAB

The details on her passport are as follows:
Head- Whorl above eye level to the left in bordered star with blaze concoined extending as flesh mark to both nostrils and muzzle. Flesh marking lower lip.
Foreleg left - White to 2/3 cannon laterally, to full cannon postero-medially White Hoof
Foreleg Right - White to mid pastern behind, to full pastern in front.
Hindleg left- White to 3/4 cannon posteriorly, t hock anteriorly White Hoof
Hindleg Right - White to just below hock White Hoof
Body - Crest whorl upper neck on left and right whorl lower third ventral neck.

Her current passport is with Pet ID and it is in my name and the number is - 826 073 00778623

Please contact us xxx

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Latest Scam

Post by TracingEquines » 22 Feb 2016, 4:13 pm

Latest Scam 2011-Katherine Dobbs

This office received information regarding a horse brought in good faith, the new "owner" noticed that the passport had been tampered with and contacted us. We managed to contact the owner who had been tipexed out to reveal the horse which she put on loan last year and been and visited had been sold through a horse sales ring. She had loaned her horse to a "Katherine Dobbs" from Harrogate, Yorkshire, her horse went on loan and within a couple of weeks was sold straight on then the loanee "lost touch" This is the second horse within one month we have found been sold on loan by the same person. If you have any information on Katherine Dobbs from Harrogate please contact us, xxx

We are looking for information on The Apprentice known as Thumper, 15.2hh Bay ID Gelding and Jester 14.2hh Piebald Cob gelding, click on the pictures to download a poster

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Post by TracingEquines » 22 Feb 2016, 4:19 pm


UK National Horse Watch Alliance = www.ukhorsewatch.org.uk
This website is designed to provided links to all other groups' websites, information regarding stolen horses, ponies and trailers, security and identification information plus any other relevant information.

The Stolen Horse Register = www.stolenhorseregister.com
This web site provides access to details of horses, ponies and donkeys that have been registered, primarily by Horsewatch regions, as stolen or missing on the Stolen Horse Register.

Stolen Horse International = www.NetPosse.com
Resource information for preventing theft and finding stolen/lost horses. Listing of current stolen horses online

Animal Integrated Community Access Point = www.animalicap.co.uk
AICAP IS PROUD TO BRING ANIMAL RESCUE FROM ACROSS THE UK TO ONE HOME ONLINE. Animal Integrated Community Access Point (AICAP) existis to match as many animals in rescue centres to potential loving new homes. We are a free National access point for ALL animal welfare, rescues, sanctuaries and other animal organizations to advertise the animals in their care for re homing. We help to give maximum advertising for animals looking for new homes. For potential rehomers no more laborious webite trolling to look for your special friend. Every year, thousands of animals find themselves in rescue centres through no fault of their own. Please browse our pages including our dedicated Equine Shares Page and give a loving home to that special pet.

Horse and Hound = www.horseandhound.co.uk
Home of Equestrianism

Essex Horse Watch = www.essexhorsewatch.org.uk/missingonloan.html

Working in partnership with Surrey Police, Surrey Action for Equine continues to promote best practice in equine crime prevention whilst improving communication and the flow of information between the equine community and the Police.

Voices for Horses = www.voicesforhorses.co.uk/
If you ride horses, own them, care about them, work with them or just love them, Voices for Horses is for you! It is the shared passion of all things equine that shapes this website. Voices for Horses operates as a not for profit organization and is FREE for you to use.

Arabian Lines = www.arabianlines.com/
Arabian, Anglo and Part Bred horse news in Europe. Show dates, results, stud guide, stallions, and endurance.

Here you can find equestrian articles and information about horses, buying horses, caring for horses, riding horses, working with horses and equestrian sports in the UK. Within the Classifieds Section browse adverts for horses for sale, horses for loan, horses for share, saddlery for sale, horseboxes and horse trailers for sale, equestrian property for sale or rent plus other equestrian adverts. Find news of the latest products available for UK horses and riders within the Product News Section, check out Horse Pictures and Videos or to chat about horses check out our Horse Forums.

Cage Alma Arabians = www.cage-alma-arabians.com
Cage Alma Arabians is dedicated to breeding Arabian horses suitable for all disciplines. We aim to breed horses of good confirmation and generous, loving personalities. We breed only a couple of foals each year and aim to give them the attention, love and commitment to set them up for life, establishing good positive experiences and relationships between human and horse.

Kenstud Pony Rescue = kenstudponyrescue.org/
Kenstud Pony Rescue is one of the few registered equine rescue charities in Derbyshire

Tracing Equines = www.tracingequines.co.uk/horses/
Many horse owners and loaners have often wondered about the history of our equine friends, where they came from, what they used to be like, who their parents are. Its a minefield of questions and without help from others, it can often end up a lost cause in many cases. Tracing Equines aim is to help you in the best possible way that we know how, by providing information of where to start looking. Once you have registered with us, there is an advert section where you can submit your adverts straight away. They will be published online after approval, and hopefully someone out there will recognise your horse or pony and get in touch with you.

Horse DNA

PetGen = www.petgen.co.uk/

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Loan Advice

Post by TracingEquines » 22 Feb 2016, 4:22 pm

Wise Precautions for Loaning Your Horse

Before you loan your horse to a complete stranger, or even someone you thought you knew really well, there are a few sensible precautions you should take. These can ensure that everything is clear and understood between the parties involved and if something does go wrong the details are in place to recover the situation. In cases where equines are loaned on a ‘handshake’ agreement it can sometimes become almost impossible to even prove that the horse is yours. So, if you do not intend to give your horse away to never be seen again please consider the following.

Identify the horse.

All horses should have a passport to confirm their identity. The problem here is that you are required to give the passport to the loanee with the animal. Make sure that anyone can positively identify the horse by having it freeze branded. A microchip is a good confirmation but is not visible and can be difficult to check. Also, a passport does not prove ownership, only whether the animal is fit for human consumption. Freeze brand companies will issue you with an owners pack and this can be taken as proof the horse is yours. Keep these documents yourself somewhere safe. It helps greatly if you have somegood, clear current photographs of your horse, winter and summer, digitally stored if possible.

Keep a copy of the passport.

You must supply the original copy of the passport with the horse so it can be travelled. The passport should also be available for inspection from the keeper so handing it over is usually unavoidable. This does not prevent you from keeping a photocopy so you always have the information to hand.

Use a loan agreement.

You really must have a formal, written loan agreement in place before you hand over your horse. There is a BHS version at www.bhs.org.uk in the Welfare section or a Horse Trust copy at www.horsetrust.org.uk in the Advice section. Make sure it is fully completed and that you each keep a copy. If you can, have the agreement countersigned by a professional person such as a doctor, lawyer, bank officer or company director rather than a close friend or family member. This will make it more impartial and independent in any dispute. Some solicitors also specialise in equine law and offer help with drafting loan documents.

Due to cases collapsing when the loan agreement is broken make sure it is drawn up by a solicitor, or countersigned by a solicitor.

Keep records.

Make sure you can always contact the person you loaned the horse to. Keep a record of their name, home address and all telephone numbers. Note where they are going to keep the horse and if this is a livery yard then write down the yard owners details as well. Visit the yard/home before the horse leaves you both to inspect the premises and to confirm what you have been told really exists. When the horse is collected record the registration numbers of all the vehicles involved, you can even take some photographs at the time so there is no doubt. A ‘souvenir’ photo of the loanee holding your horse may prove invaluable if it all goes horribly wrong in the future.

We all have trust that loans are the best solution at the time and the vast majority go well with no problems. However, if you do find yourself in a position where your best friend has been moved, sold or will not be returned to you the effort of the preparation described above may make the difference between proof of ownership and a long drawn out dispute.

Is this the latest horse scam? - Loan out your horse and buy it back if you want access!

Courtney (has allowed her name to be used) replied to an advert requiring a horse for a companion, her beloved Jake had been recently diagnosed with arthritis and therefore his riding career had sadly ended, Courtney thought there may be a use for him for the rest of his life as a companion. She site visited and later it was agreed for Jake to go as a companion, never for ownership to be lost and with access visits when convenient. She did ask for a loan contract but was overpowered at this suggestion. Jake went to Wexham in Slough in Nov 2010, communications and visits were fine for a short while and then there were difficulties with access for 6 months. Courtney, 23 years old, feeling overpowered asked her father to ring to arrange just a visit. Communications were not good and Courtney's father was informed that if they wanted to see him they would have to buy him back. Missing Horses On Loan were contacted and a poster was distributed, we were contacted by the loaner.The loaner informed us "Why would anyone want to take on a horse of that size to sit in the field and do nothing but eat a big round bale of hay in 4 days". "If they wanted to see him they can buy him back by paying for the livery costs" and a figure of £2000 was demanded.

Courtney in her desperation to reclaim her horse and make up for the huge mistake she made in entrusting her Jake to someone else agreed to attend to fetch the horse with the potential of having to possibly pay the £2000. The visit to reclaim Jake was not peaceful, the police were called, claimed it as a civil matter and the only way forward was to pay the money to later that day reclaim her horse. Jake was not near the premises and walked some distance which was the reason so say for an arthritic horse who had been retired from riding work to have shoes on (make of that what you will??) Court proceedings are now commencing for the return of Courtney's money

Companion/Loan adverts

Beware in this case the horse was still alive unlike some cases that we have dealt with and the owner could afford the money at the time she could reclaim her horse before it could of potentially disappeared.

Check them out!!! Contact us, find your local Horse Watch, flag the passport with the passport office that the horse is on loan and the passport must not be changed, keep in contact, if something feels wrong check it out asap.

Beware you might have to buy your own property back!

If you have reported a Missing Horse on Loan to us

Please keep in touch, we are a small team that don't get paid, we use our own money, time and resources to find and help return these horses, so many people have got in touch and then expect us to keep ringing them and chasing the owners up. We are dealing with so many cases, if you want your horse back then pick up the phone and KEEP IN TOUCH, moan over-The Team at MHOL :-)

Stolen Horse International


NetPosse a division of Stolen Horse International, Inc. is EVERY equestrian's key resource, by not only providing valuable information and assistance in recovering lost, stolen or missing horses, but by also taking a major role in educating the public on equine theft and loss prevention. Thanks to the speed of the internet, NetPosse can round up a modern day version of a posse within minutes of filing a report. An alert and call to action goes out to a network of volunteers bent on returning your lost equine or property.

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Missing On Loan

Post by TracingEquines » 22 Feb 2016, 4:36 pm

Missing On Loan

Little Pip, Black Falabella and Jack, Chesntut and White Shetland

Little Pip and Jack went on loan in April 2000 from Diss, East Anglia, their owner has been searching for them ever since, if you knew them or know where they are please contact us, ANY information good or bad.

Hattie-14hh Blue and white mare
Percy 16.2hh Cleveland Bay Gelding Missing on loan in Wales
Missing on Loan
Starwars or Bertie Star-Missing on Loan-Sussex
Sauron 15.2hh Fresian Gelding

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NED Press Release

Post by TracingEquines » 22 Feb 2016, 4:38 pm

Official Press release:

NED makes swift changes to protect horse owners

The recent emergence of several incidents of horses being re-passported when out on loan has prompted the National Equine Database (NED) team to introduce measures to reduce the opportunity for this to happen.

Cases coming to light recently have involved freezemarked horses being put on loan and subsequently sold on for slaughter with new passports, causing great distress to their owners.

Under European Union legislation it is not mandatory for Passport Issuing Organisations (PIOs) to collect freezemark information and supply it to NED, although many of them do. Recent cases of re-passported horses have revolved around freezemarks associated with horses’ original passports either not being marked on those passports, or the freezemark details not being supplied to NED. When the PIO being approached to issue the new (second) passport checked NED to see if there was already a passport for a horse with that freezemark, they did not find a passport linked to the freezemark supplied.

To minimise the possibility of this situation recurring, Defra is due to suggest to all PIOs that they check NED for existing freezemarks and microchips before issuing passports to adult horses. However, to strengthen the response, NED will shortly be launching an online facility for horse owners to notify NED directly of their horse’s freezemark and/or microchip details. This information will clearly be marked as data which has been entered by owners, rather than supplied by PIOs, but it will mean that a warning flag is raised if a second passport is applied-for and will indicate to the PIO that further investigation might be required before a passport is issued.

“Once it goes live, the success of this initiative relies on horse owners making sure that they have checked and entered security information for all the horses they own on to NED” says NED spokesman Jan Rogers “NED is clearly the place where all horse information comes together to protect and inform the horse owning community and we are pleased to be able to work with horse owners to deliver the service they need by constantly reviewing what NED can offer”.

Additional information

From July 2009 it will be mandatory for all equines to be microchipped at first registration.

The microchipping of adult horses with pre-existing passports is strongly recommended by Defra. The supplying of microchip information for such horses to by PIOs to NED is also strongly recommended.

NED: www.nedonline.co.uk
Defra: www.defra.gov.uk

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