21 February 2019
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Electric / battery fence energisers

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Electric / battery fence energisers

Post by TracingEquines » 26 Oct 2017, 9:31 pm

Electric / battery fence energisers

• Take a photograph of your unit and keep a record of the make, model and serial number. This will greatly assist the Police if your unit is stolen.
• Mark your energiser in some way, waterproof paint or smartwater are just two examples.
• Attach your energiser securely to a sturdy fixed point. Most stolen units are just pulled out of the ground or hooked onto a fence or post. Make it as hard as possible for the thief to remove the energiser, if he has to damage the unit to steal it, it will not be worth taking.
• If possible hide or camouflage your energiser behind a fence or tree, in a hedge or with under growth. If you have a light showing the power is on cover this with tape as it makes the unit easily identifiable in the dark.
• If your energiser is battery operated the same precautions should be taken as batteries are also expensive to replace and open to theft.
• Please report all thefts to the Police. If there is a problem in your area action cannot be taken if details have not been passed on and the incidents logged. A neighbour or friend may be the next victim and these thieves need to be caught.
• The Police believe stolen energisers are being sold on as second hand with no instructions or packaging, if you are aware of items like this being available and you do not believe the reason given for them being missing is correct, please notify the Police.

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