05 December 2018
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Rory, 12.1hh approx, piebald pony (worcestershire)

The missing and stolen horses in this section have been recovered or found
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Rory, 12.1hh approx, piebald pony (worcestershire)

Post by TracingEquines » 05 Sep 2015, 7:02 pm

Missing from Redditch, Worcestershire
Rory, 12.1hh approx, piebald pony
Age 2 yrs old, wall eye on the left
Incident number = 0481-S-030915

Full details

THEFT- took place between 05:30:00 on THURSDAY 03-SEP-2015 and 17:30:00 on THURSDAY 03-SEP-2015 at CALLOW HILL LANE, REDDITCH, WORCESTERSHIRE
Over a period of approximately 12 hours person/s unknown have approached a field in Callow Hill Lane, Redditch, which contains horses secured in the field with a perimeter fence that is electrified and a black and white 2 year old pony approx 12.2 hands high as been stolen.

There are no breaches in the fence and a gate at the bottom of the field that is used by people using the bridle path was closed.

The pony is very friendly but would not leave the other horses to wander off himself but would be easily lead away as its a young pony used by the IP's 3 yr old son and is not shy.

The IP and some of the owners of the other horses have made a thorough search of the area and there is no sign of it.

The IP believes several weeks ago someone was prowling around the area and the horses were let out of the field and possibly same people have returned.

Description: Black and white horse blue left eye 12.2 hands male horse 'Rory' 2 years of age.

If you have any further information regarding the above incident or if any sightings please contact 101 and quote the incident number: 0481-S-030915

Update 7 Sept 2015

Lesley Williams - West Mercia HW = Owner has updated us that horse has been found and had not been stolen after all.

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