9 February 2020
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Barney grey section A 12.2hh

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28 January 2018
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Barney grey section A 12.2hh

Post by Elliejayned »


I’d love to find an old favourite riding school pony who I used to adore back in 2008/9 (Stockport, Manchester) but then sadly got sold on in 2010 to which I believe somewhere in Cumbria. Very cheeky and loveable character but needed a one to one home. Just want to see how he got on in life as he may not be with us now as I’m sure he’ll be in his 20s.

Welsh section A

Hope someone out there’s knows where he is



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Re: Barney grey section A 12.2hh

Post by stass28 »

What was the riding centre called and have you been in touch with them to ask if they've had an update or to ask if barney was his passport name?x

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