9 February 2020
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Yassa (Yasser Arafat) 15.2hh bay gelding age between 15-18 Arabian or PBA

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28 January 2018
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Yassa (Yasser Arafat) 15.2hh bay gelding age between 15-18 Arabian or PBA

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Seeking advice from anyone on any information on my horse or anywhere I could find any information on him

I own an 18-year-old Arabian (named as Yasser Arafat goes by Yassa also). I know his history from 2006 to present as I have been in contact with his 3 previous owners. His first contactable owner from 2006 until 2015 was an endurance rider competing at international level (although Yassa never achieved his) he was confident that Yassa is a purebred, however, Yassa’s passport states that he is an Irish Sport Horse which he is definitely not! Yassa had no microchip when I purchased him and he has now been microchipped but his passporting authority has no information on his dam or sire.

His first owner obtained Yassa from an Irish Racetrack, The Curragh in Co. Kildare which has hosted arabian races from the ARO. I have contacted this racetrack who say they cannot give me information on who may have broken him in or where he may have originated from or why he was there. His first owner presumed he was being trained to race and may have been a Sheikh’s horse (other Irish endurance riders have confirmed this notion although I wonder if it is word of mouth), would this be possible without him having a passport?

He acts like an Arab he is very loud and proud of him and carries himself well with his head and tail. He has black skin underneath everywhere except for his white facial features. He measures in at 15.2hh, I would not say he has an extreme jibbah but he does not have a straight face either. He is extremely loyal and affectionate and could ride for miles at endurance. He has black tips on his ears along with an obvious dorsal stripe along his back which remains all year long regardless of coat changes. X-ray scans of his bones and dental work by 2 registered professionals have both stated they believe he may be younger than 18, possibly by 2-3 years.

Is there any possible way for me to find out any sort of parentage information on him in terms of DNA or blood testing. I really do not know of any Arabian horse databases or where to start looking for him. I have posted in lost horse groups but nothing appears and there are very few arabian breeders in Ireland most of whom have already seen or met Yassa. I have attached some photos of him if anyone has any opinions on his arab-ness. Or if anyone recognises him from his younger years?

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