9 February 2020
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Chester, 16hh approx, bay/brown gelding. Freezemark 88MO

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28 January 2018
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Chester, 16hh approx, bay/brown gelding. Freezemark 88MO

Post by jess+chester88mo »

Desperately seeking Information on Chester

I'm looking for info on my horse, and I've tried for 8 years on and off but these are my final attempts :(
To make it easier I'll list the main information below:

• Chester
• Gelding
•16hh (ish)
• TB x
• Would now be 26
• Bay
Chocolate brown in the winter with tan around his eyes and muzzle
And a beautiful light bay all over in the summer
• Freeze marked on left shoulder 88MO (88 above MO)
• No white markings, although a tiny little patch on his neck and one underneath his saddle area
• Very very quiet temperament
• Possibly an ex jousting horse at Camelot at some point?

I'm absolutely desperate to find out info on this dream of a horse. He was my whole world and best friend.
Unfortunately I lost him in an accident 5 years ago, to which this left me completely broken hearted, and with time, it didn't get much better. I remained very close to his previous owner, Jayne Clough, thoughout the time I owned him and after he sadly passed away. She had him as a companion and happy hacker, as her daughter Liz had a horse who she did a lot of showing on.

I bought him off her in 2003 at the age of 15 from Millington, Cheshire.
I believe she bought him off a lady named Jayne Walker from Warrington in 2000, although I have no number for her, and several attempts on Facebook etc have got me no closer to finding her. Although I did have someone reply but she couldn't remember if she'd owned him or not.
I only had an old vet paper from when Jayne Clough (the lady I bought him off) had him vetted when she was buying him in 2000.
All it had on it was Jayne Walker, Warrington. And the vets details which was J Burgess, rose cottage farm, Gorstage, Northwich, Cheshire. I have nothing else my little Chester unfortunately.

I'm wanting to go back to his foal days, I want to find out who's owned him, what he's done in his life before me. And ultimately, find out just how much happiness he brought to others as he did me.
I'm willing to go to any lengths to try and gather info, pics etc, find out his sire and dam if possible and go from there.

He was freeze marked when I got him, but I chipped him and had his passport done myself.
I have been in contact with Farmkey but unfortunately they have no record of him.
His previous owner doesn't have too much history on him, although I do believe at some point in his life he was a jousting horse at Camelot.
I found this very intriguing and would love to know more.

Anyone with ANY information at all, please please get in touch. I would be forever grateful to you.

With many thanks in advance,

(photo hosted on new TE gallery)

(photo hosted on new TE gallery)
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Re: Chester, 16hh approx, bay/brown gelding. Freezemark 88MO

Post by TracingEquines »

The vets details are
J Burgess, Rose Cottage Fm Weaverhan Rd, Gorstage, Northwich, Cheshire, CW8 2SG
telephone 01606 883138
http://www.smilelocal.com/veterinary_ma ... es/england

Now called Burgess & Graham

I don't know if you've tried this but if you give them a ring or write them a letter, they may remember who Jayne is and be able to pass a message on to her for you

It looks like these people ran the jousting at Camelot so they could be worth a try as well - http://www.lionheartentertainments.co.uk/
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Re: Chester, 16hh approx, bay/brown gelding. Freezemark 88MO

Post by jess+chester88mo »

Thank you so much for all your help!
I did try emailing the jousting place but no one got back to me and I think it may of closed down but I'm unsure.
The vet paper said... I've only JUST realised... his age was approximate and went on dentition as they had no documentation of it etc.
I looked for the vet and couldn't find them. So thank you. I'm just hoping it wasn't a neutral vet! I feel like I'm at a dead end
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Re: Chester, 16hh approx, bay/brown gelding. Freezemark 88MO

Post by Jane_w »

Hi Jess!
I'm the Jane Walker you're looking for. I can't believe I only just saw this. I had a dream about our sweet boy last night and googled his freezemark.

I bought Chester in March 1991 and sold him to Jane in Millington in 2000 after my Mum became very poorly and I was looking after her. I bought him from a small time dealer in Lower Stretton Warrington, he wasn't in the best shape, very under weight with a terrible rub on his Dock where he had been in a horsebox without tail protection. I named him Chester as I lived on Chester Road at the time and the name just fitted him.

I have always missed him but never tried to find any info on him because I was so sad about selling him and didn't want to re open any old memories.

I cant tell you how happy I am that he was so loved and adored until the end of his life. Thank you so much for loving him that way ❤ I do hope you still have this email address and that this message somehow gets to you, I have old pictures I could share and would love to reminisce about our boy.

I had a little smile through my tears when you said he was very quiet lol. He was an absolute sassy pants when he was younger, nobody could get their mare out of the field if Chess was in there as they were "his" 😁 He always needed to be in a field of geldings only. Ah, beautiful boy, I miss him.
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