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Stolen Horse Register (SHR) form

The Horsewatch Code = MARK IT, STAMP IT, CHIP IT, CODE IT - OR LOSE IT !
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Stolen Horse Register (SHR) form

Post by TracingEquines » 17 Aug 2014, 9:17 pm

If your horse has been stolen, please send the details to the Stolen Horse Register

If your horse or pony has been stolen and you have got a crime reference number or incident number from the police, please use this form to send the details to the Stolen Horse Register (SHR). This is a FREE service ran by Farmkey and is used to alert the UK Horsewatch network. Your horse does not have to be freezemarked to go on the register.

All you have to do is copy and paste the details below into an email, add the required information, attach a CLEAR photo of your horse, preferably one showing your horse untacked, unrugged and unridden. Then click the SEND button.
For Entry Onto The Stolen Horse Register

Stolen / Missing on Loan (delete as reqd)

Owners name:

Crime ref number (req'd):
Police Station:
Officers name:
Contact number:

Horses name:
Age :
White markings:

Freezebrand or Microchip:

Date stolen:
Address taken from:

Note: Please attach a photo to your email in a jpg format.

Return to: Laura.Venables@genusplc.com.

NB A crime number is required for entry onto the SHR (an incident number will suffice)

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