05 December 2018
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Pebbles, mare. Microchip 372141405754251

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Pebbles, mare. Microchip 372141405754251

Post by Beate » 13 Oct 2017, 4:46 pm

Stolen Pony in Cork, Ireland

My much-loved Pebbles was stolen from a field last September. I have contacted the gards and reported her stolen. So far no luck finding her and we are beyond heartbroken and we miss her terribly! I know this is a long shot, but can you please share far and wide? She might have been sold to the UK, from a dealer/yard in Kerry or Cork, so please share to groups in the UK too. The person who took her was at the time involved with a well known, Kerry based animal rescue. This rescue claims to have never seen her and he vanished for a while. He has resurfaced now as a horse dealer with his partner, selling horses on a Facebook page. I cannot disclose any names at this time due to the ongoing Garda investigation. Thank you very much in advance! Let us bring this old girl home. She is about 16 years old and microchipped and passported in my name ... she has an old injury on her left front leg, which causes her knee to swell up occasionally ... :( ... could anyone who bought a horse looking like her please scan and check if it's this chip number: 372141405754251 ... you I do realize that this chip might have been removed, but here's to hoping!

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