21 February 2019
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Ben, 14.2hh, bay gelding

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28 January 2018
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Ben, 14.2hh, bay gelding

Post by Afard » 04 Feb 2015, 7:52 pm

Looking for a gelding I rode from 2000-2004. Was kept at a yard near Guiting Power in Gloucestershire. Yard was situated on a farm, possibly called Newtown Farm. Woman called Belinda ran the stables.

Can't remember his owner's name, and never knew who he was sold to, unfortunately.

Sorry, no photos, I'm afraid. Ben had his faults, but I did enjoy riding him, and am interested in what he's been up to since then. (Or even if he's still around!)

Name: Ben (may have since been changed)
Breed: Cob x
Age: 21 - 22 (was 7 - 11 when I rode him)
Height: 14:2hh
Sex: Gelding
Colour: Bay
Build: Stocky and cob-like, lots of feathering on legs. Thick, cresty neck.

Lumps or bumps: May have scarring on one hind leg (believe it was the near hind). Scarring caused by getting tangled in wire when out in the field.

Freezemark: No. May have been freezemarked since, however.

Temperament: Loved being groomed. Good to lead. Rather accident prone and clumsy. When turned out in field, would roll and then begin eating as much as he could. Was fine with horses/ponies he knew, but could be funny with those new to the yard.

Under saddle: Quite slow and something of a plod, but wasn't really a novice ride. Did not like loud vehicles such as tractors, motorbikes or large lorries. Easily spooked - bucked with me on board when frightened by a pheasant. Liked hacking with horses/ponies he knew, but could play up when hacking with those he didn't or when in small groups. Didn't like getting hs feet muddy or wet when being ridden.

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Re: Ben, 14.2hh, bay gelding

Post by lizjayne » 26 Aug 2018, 10:28 pm

Hi did Ben have a star? x

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