9 February 2020
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Phoenix, Neo, Fergi - sold on loan

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Phoenix, Neo, Fergi - sold on loan

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Pheonix - Neo and Fergi
All Sold-on Whilst on Loan

These horses all came from Stannycliffe Lane Horse and Pony Shelter in Middleton, Manchester.
They were loaned last September (2007 ?)to a woman called Colette WRIGHT, a "friend" of the owner, who was moving to Suffolk and who then - who sold them on .

Fergi (Brycarreg Leathal Weapon)
Breed: Welsh section c colt Rig
Age: 4 yrs
Height: Over 12hh but is still growing
Colours and Markings: Bay with white socks
Additional Information: Quite small for a section C. Very pretty. Pleasant temperament.
(admin note - I think Fergi is on the SHR but not 100% sure = viewtopic.php?f=46&t=1234)

Breed: Hanavarian Thoroughbred
Age: 9 yrs
Height: 17hh,
Colours and Markings: Bay - Black mane and tail
Additional Information: Very fine mane and tail, no white. Suffers
from stiffness to legs due to old injury to knees. Fully broken to ride. Big gentle giant ,most likely went with the tack which he is wearing in the picture..

Breed: Section A mountain pony
Height: Under 12hh
Colour and makings: bay with two back white socks, white blaze, black mane and tail
Additional information: Can be a bit nasty. bites and can kick. Fully broken to ride.

As usual, the owner's local police consider this to be a civil matter, but it is clearly not. Any information as to the whereabouts of these horses, should be reported to Horsewatch.

(Fergi = photo hosted on new TE gallery)

(Neo = photo hosted on new TE gallery)

(Phoenix, photo does not match description = photo hosted on new TE gallery)

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