9 February 2020
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Pepper, chestnut mare & Clyde, 3 month foal (manchester)

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Pepper, chestnut mare & Clyde, 3 month foal (manchester)

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looking for my 3 horses thats been stolen ones 27 and chestnut roan no hair on her tail just few strands and the other one is new forest with a colt at foot
i am so damned worried, dont know where they are
all i know is that the farm they where on threw them out into a field
i do not know if they have enough food or water can anyone help


My 27 year old mare who will respond to the name pepper.
She stands at 14.3hh, she has a blaze terminating to her right nostril and white on right side of lowerlip
She is white to 3/4 cannon higher in front and white 3/4 cannon higher to point almost opposite hock in front
She is red chestnut slightly roan with a flaxen mane and due to her tail being shorter than a normal horses tail
She is very noticeable, she is a welsh section C cob.

22-april-2013 .. Pepper may be in the Southport area

(photo hosted on new TE gallery)

(photo hosted on new TE gallery)


He was born grey but turning black, he is now 12 weeks of age (3 Months)
He has a white marking on his head like his mother and he has 4 white socks
He did stand at 11.2 hands about 3 week ago as he got measured but he would have grown a bit taller
He also has a black nose curving to his lowerlip
He is a dales cross trotter/ new forest colt.

(photo hosted on new TE gallery)

Bonnie - Now Recovered

22-april-2013 .. Still looking for Pepper and Clyde

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