05 December 2018
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Teaching - First Lesson/Lead Rein, Shortening & Lengthening, The Basics

Notes that may help anyone going for their BHS Stage 1 exam or doing their NVQ level 1 or 2 in Horse Care and Riding
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Teaching - First Lesson/Lead Rein, Shortening & Lengthening, The Basics

Post by TracingEquines » 19 Nov 2011, 2:24 pm

First Lesson / Lead Rein

Lead horse in
Mount up
Hold reins
Shorten and lengthen reins
Walk on
Learn school markers
Using legs

Shortening & Lengthening

Work in in open order- both reins, walk, trot

- Shortening - horse shortens his stride, doesn't go slower, has more bounce and impulsion
- Lengthening - horse lengthens his stride, doesn't speed up, has longer and lower topline/outline

Both maintain same rhythm and tempo

Shortening - keep leg on and half halt down outside rein

Lengthening - allow horse to move forwards using impulsion, give slightly for horse to achieve lower topline, keep leg on

Shorten short side of school
Lengthen long side of school
Lengthen across long diagonals

3 or 5 trot poles over X school marker

Teaching - The Basics

Help on and sort out stirrups and girth

Have a lesson plan

Seat, position

Forwards into rising trot (sitting to rising) and vice versa

Show where to go on circles

Always forwards into walk, trot and canter (even if transition is a downwards one)

Outside shoulder is forwards as you rise

Keep stopping and changing the rein

Crossing stirrups over - cross right one first

Sit on three seatbones

Classical riding lines
- shoulder, hip, heel
- elbow, forearm, ringfinger, rein, bit

Look for
- rounded shoulders
- lower leg too far back/forward
- looking to where you want to go

Legs - stiff, griping, tension, lack of depth of seat, insecurity. Work without stirrups, opening of hip joint, heel to buttock. Toes - gateway, weight even across each foot

Hands - too high or too low. Third/bottom segment of finger. Imagination

Upper body - circling arms


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