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2008 - Murphy, 16.3hh, grey gelding

Gloucestershire (Gloucester, Bristol, Cheltenham, Stroud, Cirencester, Tewkesbury)
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Gloucestershire (Gloucester, Bristol, Cheltenham, Stroud, Cirencester, Tewkesbury)

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2008 - Murphy, 16.3hh, grey gelding

Post by TracingEquines » 23 Nov 2011, 12:14 pm

(Stolen) Murphy, 16.3hh, grey gelding - Hallen, Bristol
Posted December 2008

"16.3 grey warm blood stolen from a field in Hallen Bristol they removed the fence taking him leaving his 2 companions behind.

This has been reported this to the police and he is micro chipped with a IDentichip number 98512000687507 ."

The above was posted by the owner. Am awaiting photos etc.


Murphy is a 16.3 grey Belgium warm blood gelding he was in a field in Hallen, Bristol, backing onto the M49 off Hallen Road with 2 other horses he was last seen around 4pm on Sunday 13th January and was found to be missing at 14.30 yesterday.

He was taken by someone removing three rails on a post and wire fence walking him up a lane through brambles on the side of the road. There is a gate to the lane with a heavy duty padlock on and a heavy duty padlock on the gate to the field. After being removed the rails were placed back on the nails of the posts they had been pulled out of to stop the other horses escaping.

The most worrying fact is he has been diagnosed with a form of equine motor neuron disease and his back legs can buckle underneath him at any time so he is not safe to ride and was turned away for the winter to try and recuperate.

He also has scaring to his right front pastern which he cut badly last year on barbed wire.

Sent PM to Gala on H+H

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