18 January 2018
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Free Prize Draws - no catch, all are Free

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Free Prize Draws - no catch, all are Free

Post by TracingEquines » 05 Feb 2017, 7:18 pm

We all like the chance to enter competitions and prize draws for free so here is a list of some that I have found online and that I am a member of.
I have won on a couple of them as well :) Payment is normally via Paypal but some sites do have other options available such as Amazon voucher or payment by bank transfer

You don't have to use your real date-of-birth or postcodes to enter any of these. A couple of them I am using my old house details and I have still won.
Lucky Phone does require a working phone number but I've had no spam calls or texts from them.

Just to put your minds at rest, I can 100% say that I have received no spam emails or phone calls from entering any of these prize draws.
If you choose to do offers on the websites, read the small print and the terms and conditions

Website Links and Details

Referral links

DOB = Daily date of birth lotto , http://doblotto.com/r/9aa42b

FPL = Free postcode lottery , http://freepostcodelottery.com/?ref=22831

LP = Lucky phone , https://www.luckyphone.co.uk/home?refer=217

NPL = Number plate lotto , http://www.numberplatelotto.co.uk/r/22568

TSL = The street lottery , http://thestreetlottery.com/?ref=171

Normal links

Ashleigh Money Saver , https://ashleighmoneysaver.co.uk

FBL = Free birthdate lottery , http://www.freebirthdatelottery.com

Freemoji Lottery (ran by FPL) , https://freemojilottery.com/

Free Emoji Lottery , https://emojilottery.co.uk/

Times of Draws

12 midnight =
Ashleigh Money Saver
LP - Lucky Dip
LP - Main Draw
LP - Mega Draw
The street lottery

9am = FPL - Stackpot

11am =
FBL - Birthdate Draw
FBL - Survey Draw

12 noon =
Daily date of birth lotto
FPL - £5 bonus draw
FPL - £10 bonus draw
FPL - Main Draw
FPL - Survey Draw
FPL - Video

6pm = FPL - Mini draw

7pm = Freemoji Lottery

8pm = Number plate lotto

9pm =
FPL - Stackpot
Free Emoji Lottery

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