9 February 2020
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Corona - How you all coping ?

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Corona - How you all coping ?

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Who's bored ?
Anyone still working ?

When will life return to normal ?

Gary and I are classed as key workers with our business so we're working through it and doing the best we can, despite being treat like lepers by some customers. Business is holding steady and increasing slowly this week. Last week was just manic though, how we coped I don't know. Business turnover increased by 50% :omg:

We took the decision to stay open till 12,30pm and give ourselves the afternoons off but are now debating doing full days friday and/or maybe saturdays, we just don't know. It doesn't help that 2 local shops are now not taking cash or doing gas/electric/lottery so we're technically the only ones available.

So glad that Gary got his house sorted when he did as we are able to stay there and be close to work. Plus we picked up my step daughter the day before the lockdown started so although it's great having her here, it's frustrating as we can't actually get out and go anywhere

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