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New Directory set up

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New Directory set up

Post by TracingEquines » 16 Jun 2015, 11:53 am

The websites listed in the Directory have placed a link to Tracing Equines on their website.

If you would like to have your website details listed in the directory, please place a link to Tracing Equines on your website and then get in touch with me.

Linking Information

Website URL - http://www.tracingequines.co.uk
Website Title - Tracing Equines
Description - Tracing Equines - The website for people tracing horses

Code for Link Exchange

Code: Select all

<a href="http://www.tracingequines.co.uk" title="Tracing Equines" target="_blank">Tracing Equines</a><br />Tracing Equines - The website for people tracing horses.

First add the link as described above on your site

After that, please send me the following details
  • Website URL - URL of your website, as it should send visitors to your website. Start with http://
    Website Email Address - Your website support/admin/owner/webmaster email address
    Website Title - Title of your link, as it should appear on our website
    Website Description - Describe your website
    Reciprocal Link - URL of the page where our link can be found on your website. Start with http://
All websites listed here are checked MONTHLY to make sure the reciprocal links are where they should be.

Please inform me of any changes that you want doing to your listing.

The New Directory

All members can submit website links to the new Directory.
The Directory is set to Admin Approval.
Members must have a post count of 1 or more before a link will be approved.
It would be great if you can put a reciprocal or back link to TE on your website.
If you can't (eg, facebook pages etc), it's not a problem.


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