18 January 2018
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New Board Requests topic

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New Board Requests topic

Post by TracingEquines » 01 Oct 2014, 2:42 pm

Please use this topic to suggest new boards to be set up.

Boards can be set up to become a new chat area about an equestrian topic, a hobby that you take part in or just for a set area of the UK
Boards can be set up to advertise business, charities and websites.

It is one board request per member.
Requests will only be accepted from registered members
Requests must be posted on this topic only
Any requests sent through PM, email, facebook or twitter will be ignored

Requests close at Saturday 1 November 2014
No requests will be accepted from Saturday 1 November 2014 and this topic will be locked

Boards will stay in place until after Boxing Day and before New Year
If a board is popular and used, it will be moved in to the main chat section
If a board is not used, any topics will be moved to the appropriate section and the board deleted

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