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What information do I need to write in my advert ?

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What information do I need to write in my advert ?

Post by TracingEquines » 07 Sep 2014, 12:05 pm

Start a new topic on here to enable you to write everything down in one place then you can see where you have looked already, what leads you have followed up etc, what other websites you have posted your advert on and links to those adverts so you can check that the adverts are still live on the other websites.

Firstly, you need to write down as much information as you know about the horse ..

- Stable name
- Any other stable names that you know of
- Any competition/show or stud names that you know of
- Age,
- Height,
- Breeding,
- Temperament,
- Any vices or hang-ups he may have,
- Health problems,
- Where you bought him from,
- Where you sold him to,
- What year you sold/got him

- Freezemark number and its location (shoulder, back, under mane etc)
- Microchip number
- White facial markings (show using clear photos)
- White leg markings (show using clear photos)

- Any distinctive marks he may have, such as whorls, scars and markings

Have you asked the passport issuing office for news of your pony ?
Have you asked the person you sold your horse to / or bought the horse from ?
Have you googled the horse's name ? (only really applies to unusual stable names, registered names, microchip numbers, freezemarks)
If you know a name or a yard name .. have you googled or searched those details on facebook ?
If you know an area .. have you tried searching facebook for yards and tack shops in that area and posted asking if anyone knows your horse ?
If you track your horse down to a recent place, give them a ring and ask them to pass your details on for you.

Have you contacted Farmkey or Freezemark to double check details are correct and ask if they have current owner details ?
Have you contacted the microchip company to double check details are correct and ask if they have current owner details ?

When writing your advert, remember to use punctuation (such as full stops and commas in the correct places), capital letter I instead of i, capital letter for the start of Names and Places and to include paragraphs if you need to.

Bad example of an advert
i'm looking for 12.2hh pony, last seen in Wales
This gives the reader absolutely nothing to link your pony with theirs

Good example of an advert
I'm looking for a 15.2hh, chestnut horse called Socks. He has 3 white socks and a white star. I sold him from Leeds to someone said they lived in Kent. They had a 14year old daughter who was going to take Socks showjumping. Socks loved showjumping and would often jump double clears. He hated dressage with a passion
This gives the reader so much more information on the horse, Socks - his height, colour, name, description, where he was sold from, who he was sold to and what area they lived in, indication of Sock's likes (showjumping) and dislikes (dressage).

Other Websites

The more people that know about Tracing Equines the better for everyone.

Please do link to other websites where you have placed your advert for your horse. This will enable us to contact the website and hopefully link up with them. It gives other members an idea of what websites they can join to place their adverts on. It also gives you a reference point for all your adverts across the web so that once your horse is found, you can easily go back and update the adverts with the good news.

If you find your horse or the information you were looking for, please come back and let us know. Unfortunately, it is this last section (updating adverts with news that said horse has been found) that is often overlooked and missed

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