05 December 2018
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Post by TracingEquines » 24 Jan 2012, 12:04 pm


Photos play a very important part in people recognising your horse. Everyone knows a chestnut horse with a white blaze but showing a photo of that blaze and how it goes across one eye and down his muzzle is a lot easier to show on a photo than try to write it down.

Ideally you want to post a three photos of your horse unrugged and untacked, one from each side, clearly showing any leg markings and then a clear head shot showing any star/blaze or snip.

Any photos you post, need to be clear (not dark so you can hardly see the horse), in focus (not blurry) and a decent size (not a tiny thumbnail photo where you can hardly see the horse).

Please do feel free to add as many photos as you want to your Tracing Equines topics.

Do you have photos but no way of scanning them on to your computer ?

Don't worry. You can send your photo(s) to us and we will scan them in for you, send you the photos via email and then post your photos back to you. Our address can be provided upon request and it would be helpful if you can send a S.A.E. when you send your photos as this will help keep costs down.

We do not charge for this service but donations are greatfully received.

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