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Horses Found

The Missing Horses on Loan website was online from 2009 to 2014.
This section will remain online until Feb 2018, to give people a chance to get in touch with updates on any horses listed in here
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Horses Found

Post by TracingEquines » 22 Feb 2016, 3:54 pm

QUINCY 26DU-Found but not recovered


Burt-Found and case happily resolved

Burt was found in a happy home and well cared for, he stayed with Annette and she kept in touch with his owner Melanie. Sadly Burt has since passed on but Annette and Melanie still stay in contact.

LIBBY A69X-Found but not recovered as another one who sadly ended up in an abattoir care of the loanee


Shadow-found and Recovered-July 2009

14.3 Grey Gelding 13yrs old Welsh Section D x Hanovarian. Thick stocky build with very wide forehead. Missing from Bolton Area along with his blue Rice trailer.

Shadow and his trailer were recovered after finding his details advertising him for sale in the Widnes area, police investigation is ongoing.

Siena, found and recovered July 2009

Missing on loan since 28 June 2009, 16.2hh Chestnut dutch warmblood gelding, star and stripe on face, looks like and i or upside down exclamation mark! Freezemarked E52F, CRIME REFERENCE NUMBER 394 070709

Siena was found in Lincolnshire in July 2009, police investigations are continuing.

Troy, found and recovered Aug 2009

Troy is a handsome 15.2hh black cob gelding with 4 white legs which are quite distinctive, he has a white blaze which narrows at the nose. he has a considerable sized lump probably a sarcoid in the girth area.Troy doesn't load and has to be sedated to travel, the owner was told he was going straight to Marshfoot Lane, Hailsham, East Sussex which the owner had already home checked. Information already received seems he didn't even get there. Troy is very nappy. Troy went on loan to a Dawn Randall, who has since declined to answer the phone.

Troy has now been found and returned, the person who took Troy on loan is appearing in Crown Court charged with theft on August 10th 2010.

Janie, found and recovered Aug 2009

Janie is a 14 year old 15.2hh skewbald mare, she was put on loan to a Sue DaSilva in Marshfoot Lane, Hailsham, East Sussex, in September 2008, the owner was told in March 2009 that Janie had been put down, but had been seen in the area being ridden when she was supposedly dead! The loanee cannot produce evidence that Janie is dead, we are offering a reward to find Janie and prosecute the person who has sold her. Janie has some distinctive features, one 'lumpy' hock due to previous injury, a black patch on top lip under the pink part of her nose and a black forelock and front part of her mane which is then white the rest of the way down.

Janie was found and living with a loving family, the person who took Janie on loan is appearing in Crown court charged with theft on the 10th August 2010.

Muphasa, found and recovered Nov 2009

Muphasa went on loan in June 2009, the loanee moved yards in an attempt to lose contact with the owner, he was located on Saturday 14th November and is now with his owner, thanks to every one involved.

Tim, found and recovered Dec 2009

Trying to trace the location of:- Chestnut Arab Gelding, 19 yrs old, four white socks & hooves, white blaze, Freeze Mark 19MM. Last know location, Rotherham. Trying to trace after being sold whilst on loan. Desperate for any information that anyone can offer. His loving home awaits his return.

Sex :Gelding
Age : 19
Height : 15.3hh
Colour : Chestnut
Crime ref : 533 - 07.01.09
Contact details : Owners Mobile Number 07783 767876
Markings : 4 White socks & hooves, white blaze
Additional Info: Was sold whilst on loan
Freeze Mark : 19MM
Officer Dealing: P.C Richards 3464 Tel : 01709 832207

Tim has been found in Scotland, the person who loaned him Louise Coombs from Rotherham admitted selling Tim and received a caution. Lisa, Tim's owner has been and identified Tim and is in the middle of a civil case to retrieve Tim because of cross border law, Louise Coombs was not made to return the money she made from the profits of the sale.

Happy ending but with a warning

Great care is needed over checking the details of your loan agreement and keeping in touch with your horse by visiting not just listening. Lisa has only just been reunited with Tim on the 19th December 2009 after putting Tim out on loan in August 2007 with an agreement to which he was then sold on by the loanee, when she had financial problems but failed to inform Lisa. Many emails were exchanged initially but it now seems Tim had already been sold on.

In July 2008 Tim was sold in Wigton horse sales, we have since found out not through the ring,, his passport and sale details had him documented as a ten tear old and not an 18 year old, Tim was then sold onto Kilmarnock in Scotland which made him come under Scottish jurisdiction and not English, a anonymous phone call earlier this year located Tim, police were informed and investigations were started, on the 10th June 2009 Lisa went to Scotland and officially identified Tim as her stolen horse. But had to leave with out him.

On July 1st 2009 the loanee was given an official caution for theft and Lisa was advised by the police that it was then a civil matter for her to reclaim her horse as English law had no jurisdiction on Scottish soil.

Only in recent weeks have over the border police and trading standards been persuaded to intervene and Tim was handed back to Lisa.

The police have a tendency to look at loan agreements as civil in a large amount of cases. Loans can work but great care needs to be taken, don’t believe what you are told by phone or email, visit or get someone else to on your behalf.

Aug 07-Dec 09 but she did get him back, which sadly isn’t always the case.

Wingnut, found and recovered Jan 2010


Pepsy, found and recovered Aug 2010

Pepsy went on loan to Lucy in Atherstone, Warwickshire, when Lucy relocated to Melton Mowbray and decided she could no longer look after Pepsy she loaned him without consent and then asked for the new loanee for money, she sold him without a passport. His new "owner" had no idea about this until we traced her in July 2010, she gave Pepsy back to his owner Sharon, who has moved him back home and is not letting him out of her sight.

Ayesha-Found and Recovered December 2010


Domino-Found and Recovered Jan 2011


Buzz-Found Nov 23 2010

Following a news story in the papers, Buzz'snew "owners" realised they had a stolen horse and contacted his owner, they will be reunited later today, another happy ending...

Saska-Found and Recovered March 2011


Wingneat Duchess- Alice, Recovered February 2011

18 months ago I gave my horse away as a companion to who I thought would give my beloved pony a home for life. However the person she went to has since sold her even though we agreed that she would be returned to me should there be any problems e.g financial or time. After 1 year of searching, I have now found my horse and found that she has been sold on to a new owner illegally as she is still in my name on the passport and no money exchanged hands on the transfer of the horse.

The police are now investigating, however this can be a long process. I would like to inform all vets in the area that this horse already has a passport and I have had a tip off that the lady who now has her may try to get another in her name and giving the horse a new name.

Unfortunately the only way I can think of stopping this from happening is asking everyone to be vigilant if asked to create a passport for the following horse -

She is known as Duchess although her real name is Alice. Her show name is Wingneath Duchess.

Date of Birth 31-Jan-1986
Gender Female
Colour Chestnut
Height 150cm
Breed ARAB

The details on her passport are as follows:
Head- Whorl above eye level to the left in bordered star with blaze concoined extending as flesh mark to both nostrils and muzzle. Flesh marking lower lip.
Foreleg left - White to 2/3 cannon laterally, to full cannon postero-medially White Hoof
Foreleg Right - White to mid pastern behind, to full pastern in front.
Hindleg left- White to 3/4 cannon posteriorly, t hock anteriorly White Hoof
Hindleg Right - White to just below hock White Hoof
Body - Crest whorl upper neck on left and right whorl lower third ventral neck.

Her current passport is with Pet ID and it is in my name and the number is - 826 073 00778623

Please contact us xxx

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