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Are you searching for your horse?

The Missing Horses on Loan website was online from 2009 to 2014.
This section will remain online until Feb 2018, to give people a chance to get in touch with updates on any horses listed in here
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Are you searching for your horse?

Post by TracingEquines » 22 Feb 2016, 3:41 pm


Are you searching for your horse?

Horses and ponies go missing on loan every day, from all over the country, this is not the first case nor will it be the last. Even with a loan agreement there seems to be a loophole that some unscrupulous people will use to their advantage without any thought for the horse. Sometimes the horses are found and can be returned to the rightful owner, unless they end up with a fate of Lady and Gwendolyn.

This site is dedicated to the memory of Lady and Gwendolyn, two well loved horse's from Norfolk that were sold on by their loanee through Melton Mowbray Horse Sales, and then sadly ended up in an abattoir in Cheshire.

Lady and Gwendolyn were advertised on loan in Norfolk and a lady answered the advert and took the mares as companions to her son's shetland pony on the 3rd October 2008. A BHS Loan agreement was signed, the loanee used an address in King's Lynn. The loanee kept in contact by text until the end of November then the messages stopped.

Lady and Gwens owner decided to "google" her number and found she was a"dealer" and immediately became suspicious, she "googled" the loanees name and found that she was wanted in connection with missing on loan horses by Essex Police. The matter was reported to the police with the help of Essex Police and a statement was made on January 6th 2009, on the 20th January 2009 she found out from the abattoir in Cheshire that they had been slaughtered after being sold through Melton Mowbray Market with illegal passports, the horses had been registered under different names and using another false name and address. This happened even though one of the horses was freezemarked and micro-chipped!

As horse and pony owners we feel extremely let down by the Horse Passport Societies and by creating this site we will work together to raise awareness of the loophole that has been overlooked and so these poor, loved mare's death's have not been taken in vain, and to stop this happening again.

If you have any info on this case please email it to xxx

If you have a horse or pony missing on loan and would like us to advertise it on here for free please email us photos and all details to xxx

Please remember to include the crime reference number and the police details


To download a copy of the British Horse Society Loan Agreement (Sample Loan Agreement) click HERE = http://www.bhs.org.uk/welfare-and-care/free-leaflets

The BHS loan or Lease information can be downloaded from HERE (pdf not found)

"Loan agreements should always be in writing. It should establish who the owner is, who is to pay veterinary fees, etc. Above all, it should state upon whose authority the animal may be destroyed. And while a verbal agreement may be legally binding, it is worthless in evidence, so is of no use whatsoever."

The Stolen Horse Register will always remain the central database for information of missing horses whether stolen or sold on while on loan or simply missing on loan, this site is just another tool in the box to help find your horse or pony = www.stolenhorseregister.com


Tim the Arab with his owner Lisa, found but not home, despite the person who had Tim on loan admitted selling him, the police, gave her a caution for theft. Tim was located in Scotland but because it's Scottish Law she will have to fight to get him back.

Everyone involved with Missing Horses on Loan would like to say a big thank you to Benji Stockdale from Eskdale Saddlery in Longtown for the generous donation of £200 towards legal fees for Lisa to reclaim Tim.

NEWS FLASH-Tim is Home!, recovered in December 2009

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