9 February 2020
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College Park Star's Sons and Sisters

Breeders looking to make contact with horses they have bred over the years.
Members looking for sires, dam, siblings, progeny etc.
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College Park Star's Sons and Sisters

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I unfortunetely lost my wonderful 143 cm grey Connemara mare College Park Star (Pearl) very suddenly this year. Before I owned her she was a broodmare in Ireland where she had 3 sons. Sharratts Topaz born 2010, King Belly born in 2009 and GoGarty born in 2008. She also has 2 sisters by the same dam and sire called Blue Star born in 2005 and Pearly Grey born in 2003. I was hoping somebody might be able to help me track them down as she was very special to me. It's likely they are still in Ireland but not impossible that they are now in England.
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