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Lady, skewbald Welsh Cob mare

Posted: 03 Jan 2017, 3:09 pm
by TracingEquines
29 December 2016


This is a long emotional search and I hope you can help. We used to own a horse named Lady back in 1997 - 2002. She was a Welsh Cob and coloured White and brown. We had her stabled with a local farmer who had stables over the winter months, as my daughter was going to University we had talked about selling Lady if we could get a good home for her, as she would not be getting the attention she needed and we lived in a private development so we could not stable her close to home. We did say to the farmer if he knew of anyone who may be interested to let us know and we would talk to them before making a decision. One day my daughter Laura went to the stables to exercise Lady only to find the farmer had sold her without our knowledge or consent for £200 (he says) including the saddle and tack and that was the last we saw of her. We searched for a long long time after that but could find no trace of her as we had very little information to go on. Lady was microchipped but unfortunately we have since misplaced her number. The last address she was registered at was xxx, Cookstown, Co.Tyrone, Northern Ireland, BT80 9HQ under the name of Laura Mattingley who was the registered keeper. We have tried many many times to find her and I know Lady is an old Lady now who may no longer be with us, but this has been an emotional journey as my daughter was heartbroken as she never got to say goodbye to her beloved horse, and has never gotten over the cruel way she was taken from her. If you can help in any way we would be forever grateful. Even the smallest bit of knowledge would be something as our searches have all been futile, all the farmer ever told us was he sold her to someone in the Omagh area and didn't know their name, he has since died so we can gain nothing further from him.
Thank you for your time.


2 January 2017

Hi Trish,

Thanks for the reply, but there seems to be a little bit of confusion as Laura is my daughter although we have different surnames now. Laura was the owner of Lady, and it was Lady who was sold while Laura was her owner. We have never been able to get any further in our quest to find Lady as we keep hitting brick walls with no information. All we know is that Lady was sold to someone in the Omagh area, I believe it was at a market or something like that. The man who sold her is now dead and he kept no records so we have no information from there also. This was all before horse passports came into play so as you can imagine it is very difficult. Thank you so much for taking the time to reply to us. I know it is a long long shot but it would be nice to know and we will keep on trying.


Hilary Phillips

philsir44 AT