Specs (Black Foot), 14hh, piebald mare

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Specs (Black Foot), 14hh, piebald mare

Post by Jengal80 » 17 Nov 2017, 9:12 pm

Spec's or Black Foot

I'm looking for an past history on my mare. I bought her in Feb and know her previous owner of 12months. Prior she was with dealer Chris Millard who I believe got her from an RDA centre.
Other than that I know very little.
She was born around 2003. Registered as 'Black Foot' in 2006 to a Mr. Piddock in Kent.
She's 14hh - traditional piebald. A small amount of black feather on her right hind. White mane, black forelock, white tail. She has a blue eye, lots of whorls and an unusual wave shape on her shoulder. She has a black spot on her head and an unusual white marking around her eye which I presume is the reason for her nickname 'Specs'.
Very sweet mare. Forward going.
In a permanent loving home - just looking for any history.
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