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Wiltshire Horsewatch - 2011 to 2014

Wiltshire (Trowbridge, Salisbury, Swindon, Chippenham, Devizes, Marlborough, Warminster)
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Wiltshire (Trowbridge, Salisbury, Swindon, Chippenham, Devizes, Marlborough, Warminster)

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Re: Wiltshire Horsewatch - 2012

Post by TracingEquines » 20 Jun 2012, 9:30 pm

RCT FarmWatch NewsLetter - June 2012

The long awaited June Newsletter....

Of the 73 rural crimes we have recorded in May, 41 offences were on farms. There were 11 Metal thefts reported, 6 of these from farms. Batteries being the main items stolen. These figures seem to be going down month by month, so please keep up the good work with your security.
Report these vehicles that are poking around on farms, on either 101 or ourselves as below. We will put out text alerts, and in many cases, the intelligence value is useful for future occasions.

There were 22 recorded burglaries or thefts in which tools and power tools were taken. 12 of these were on farms. A reminder that you can record serial numbers of these items onto “Immobilise”. This database is checked by police forces nationally, against items that we come across when dealing with the sort of person who steal them.

We have a further 8 incidents which have damage only, be it fences cut, gates smashed, or padlocks cut and nothing believed stolen. Please report these offences to us, as in many cases it can be a precursor to a burglary. In most cases where a quadbike or landrover is stolen, there has usually been a suspicious event in the days prior, be it fences cut, visits or whatever.

From the Beginning of May to mid June, we have had eleven Quadbikes/ATV’s, six 4x4’s (5 of them Landrovers), and two pieces of plant (JCB and dumper truck) stolen. Seven of these were from farms. These are predominantly in the Tisbury-Trowbridge, Devizes to Marlborough areas. But certainly not exclusively.

These are the “high value” items for which you really need to consider your security. Wiltshire Police has two Crime Prevention Officers who will come out to your farms/premises and provide free security advice should you so wish. You can contact;

North Wilts-Robert Walton, 01793507866, robert.walton@wiltshire.pnn.police.uk
South Wilts-Amanda Clarke, 01722435318, amanda.clarke@wiltshire.pnn.police.uk

We have only had 7 calls in May in relation to hare coursing and poaching. This is occurring all over County at the moment. Four of these incidents have been at night. A few registration numbers to look out for;

S***YNP Red Subaru Legacy in the Pewsey area

P***NEG Green Suzuki Vitara in Tidworth area. One of the “users” of this vehicle has also been seen in Devizes and Swindon areas in the past.

W***AAP Gold Landrover Discovery in Marlborough area. Again, a “user” of this vehicle is known for hare coursing all over county.

We now have over 2000 on our Farmwatch and Horsewatch schemes across the county, but still have areas where we could do with more – so if you know of neighbours who are not yet on, please have them get in touch with us and we will add them to the schemes.

On the Horsewatch side of things, we provide a free Tack Marking service and have security marked more than 400 saddles over the last two years!


Wiltshire Police Non Emergency Number 101

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Re: Wiltshire Horsewatch - 2012

Post by TracingEquines » 23 Sep 2012, 10:07 am

Wiltshire Horsewatch
54120078099 01/09/2012
White Bateson Ascot horse trailer stolen overnight from a yard in the Chippenham area. Post Code on roof in black lettering "OX155DB". Rear ramp is new so white paint is brighter! When stolen it had index plate attached "YB07XVD". Standard YELLOW side stipes.
Any information please ring Wiltshire Police on 101 or Crimestoppers 0800
555 111

(photo hosted on new TE gallery)

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Re: Wiltshire Horsewatch - 2012

Post by TracingEquines » 08 Nov 2012, 9:49 pm

17 october 2012

Wiltshire Farmwatch / Horsewatch

Theft of Country Clothing

"The Wiltshire Game & Country Fair took place at Bowood over the weekend of 22/23rd September. In the early hours of 23/09/2012 offenders entered three traders tents and stole clothing.
The stolen property was mainly high value tweed or camouflage shooting and hunting jackets. Brands stolen include Harkila, Seeland, Deerhunter and Ratcatcher.
The Ratcatcher jackets are only distributed in the UK by one company.

Any information about the theft or the stolen property should be passed to Dc 795 Clive BOWYER at Melksham CID on 101 extension 728300 or anonymously through the Crimestoppers reporting line 0800 555 111."

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Re: Wiltshire Horsewatch - 2012

Post by TracingEquines » 09 Dec 2012, 6:40 pm

26 October 2012

Wiltshire Horsewatch

You may remember a short while ago we warned you of a scam involving "Equine Waste Collection". Sadly a few of you were caught out and suffered financially!
The male involved with that scam has now been charged with 34 offences of fraud by Wiltshire Police!

Good News indeed.......

BUT..... we now suspect that the same male or his associates' are advertising another service via email to Equine establishments / Racing Yards across the South West! This we believe to be a "Horse Transport Service"!!


if it sounds too good to be true it probably is

John Bordiss
Rural Crime Team

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Re: Wiltshire Horsewatch - 2012

Post by TracingEquines » 01 Feb 2014, 2:34 pm

Reported Incidents – January 2014

If you have any information on the crimes detailed please contact Wiltshire Police on 101. If you would prefer to pass on information anonymously call Crime Stoppers on 0800 555 111.

04/01/2014 (Wroughton)
Horse fatality.

07/01/2014 (Warminster)
Horse Trailer stolen from Warminster.
Old wooden trailer that was pink but now painted blue, still has blue paint marks on silver metal as it wasn't finished.

11/01/2014 (Swindon)
Theft of pony cart in the Highworth, Swindon. (no further details)

14/01/2014 (Warminster)
Polish RSC 4 x wheel marathon carriage stolen from Warminster area plus 4 sets of harnesses - 2 in tan suitcases and 2 in green suitcases. Rear seat was left behind by
offenders and brake pedal rubber is missing.
POSTCODE BA12 8PN is imprinted into the axle beam.

22/01/2014 (Marlborough)
Theft of a "Kioti" Utility vehicle / Mechron 2200, orange and black Serial number
NZ1200029 from outbuilding.
1 of only 33 vehicles of this type in the UK! Also taken -
Stihl BR 500 Leaf blower x2 Serial no. 284120339 and 284325533
Stihl MS 260 Chainsaw Serial no. 171053056
Stihl HS 45 Hedgetrimmer Serial no. 801802669
Stihl FS 100 Strimmer Serial no. 285185117
Stihl FS 300 Strimmer Serial no. unknown

22-1-2014: Update from RCT - Stolen "Kioti" made too hot to handle... FOUND
Abandoned with engine running late morning about 5 miles from where stolen. The two stolen "strimmers" were also recovered. All other power tools still outstanding

24/01/2014 (Swindon)
Theft of Ifor Williams Trailer 506 from Uffcott/Broad Hinton area.
Trailer "Serial Number - 5063602" Colour Black and Silver. Offenders removed wheel clamp and hitch lock. The trailers right mud guard is damaged and held together with zip ties!

27/28 January (Dilton Marsh)
Stables broken into overnight Dilton Marsh, Westbury area. Forced entry to two stables. Not known if anything taken at time of report.

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Re: Wiltshire Horsewatch - 2011 to 2014

Post by TracingEquines » 28 Feb 2014, 5:26 pm

Reported Incidents: Jan/Feb 2014 (Wiltshire Horsewatch & Farmwatch)

27/01/2014 (Swindon)
Stolen from Wanborough area. Ifor Williams HB506 horse trailer in RED 2
years old. Serial number: 5082999. Offenders removed wheel clamp and hitch

28/01/2014 (Trowbridge)
Stolen - Green Kawasaki 350cc Quad Wingfield Trowbridge area. Offenders
cut through barbed wire fence and padlock on gates then gained entry to an
isolated secure farm building. Not road registered and has a second red start
switch under the light switch on the left handle bar.

31/01/2014 (Chippenham)
Vehicle seen acting sus around Stables/Farm at about 7.20pm in the Grittleton,
Chippenham area. Green Land Rover Discovery Index - VN04---

31/01/2014 (Warminster)
Theft of Power Tools in the Corton, Warminster area overnight between 5pm
30th - 8.30am 31st Jan.
Offenders broke padlocks off and entered farm outbuildings.
Items removed -
1 X STIHL FS130 STRIMMER S/N unknown at this time

13-15th February
2 x LR Defender 90's and JCB Groundhog stolen from Swindon, Netheravon and
Salisbury of this period.

13th February (Warminster)
Log: 283
2 trained working/gun dogs stolen from their kennel…
Update: 15th February – dogs located and reunited with owner

15/02/2014 (Salisbury)
Stable/Farm buildings broken into West Dean, Salisbury area. The early hours
of the 15th Feb saw offenders break locks from numerous outbuildings and
Equestrian Tack stolen along with a "Stephill" Diesel 6kva generator (Supplier
Sticker "Romwy" ) Serial Number - 255371

List of stolen Harness / Tack:
(The Broller (a collar) left behind) 2 pairs traces one brown, one black. (One of each left behind, dropped)
2 Pole straps, 1 pair spare traces
2 wide fitting size 17 saddles, one Barnsby leather, one man made. Complete with girths stirrups and leathers, 6 numnahs. 4 more girths
Two Cob size bridles with snaffle bits and reins attached
1 bridle with reins without a bit
Spare stirrup leathers, reins and 3 nosebands
Two leather head collars
Two black plastic driving head collars
Two lungeing cavessons with lunge reins
Bridle hook and four-rug hanger for rugs
Two navy blue cooler rugs, red binding
1 almost new Weather proof turnout rug
Steel, mucking out fork.

25th February
(Message from Farmwatch)
3 x quad/ATV stolen across county last few days. CONSIDER GPS DEVICES.

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Re: Wiltshire Horsewatch - 2011 to 2014

Post by TracingEquines » 01 Apr 2014, 6:50 pm

Reported Incidents: March 2014
(Wiltshire Horsewatch & Farmwatch)

30th March (Malmesbury area) , POL-20140330-0100
Power tool theft. Insecure farm outbuilding entered - two chain saws and disc cutter taken.

9th March (Stourton) , Ref . 54140022606 , Police log. 123-09/03/14
1 year old Springer Spaniel (white and black) taken overnight from a property in Stourton.
If you see her, know of her whereabouts or have any information regarding suspicious activity overnight in Stourton, call the Police with details.
(Still missing on 28th March, 2014)
http://www.doglost.co.uk/dog-blog.php?d ... zmKBaIoyYA

7th March (Tisbury)
Reports of suspicious activity around stables/paddocks in the Tisbury area. Electrical tape in foliage around a field containing horse, and a rubber band found around a horse’s leg at different location. (No further details)

First week of March (Wanborough area)
Theft of rugs and other items. (No further information available).

26th February (Warminster area)
Secure outbuilding broken into and following items stolen: Racing quad, chain saws and hedge trimmers.
Update: quad found/returned to owner within a day or two of incident.

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Re: Wiltshire Horsewatch - 2011 to 2014

Post by TracingEquines » 03 May 2014, 1:57 am

Reported Incidents: (Wiltshire Horsewatch & Farmwatch)

21st March 2014 (Tilshead)
Ref: 54140026703 - Theft
Secure stable yard and tack room broken into and large amount of tack removed, including rugs and other stable yard equipment. (No further details)

1st April (Shalbourne)
Deer poaching overnight in the Shalbourne A338 area. Crops were found to have been driven over extensively! A short distance away in a lay-by, poachers had gutted and butchered a shot deer.

4th April (Swindon)
POL- 20140404-0104
Suspicious incident; kick-bar removed from stable door!

5th April (West Lavington)
Suspicious incident (lamping?); males with lurcher type dogs in ‘M’ reg, maroon Subaru.

7th- 8th April (Heddington)
Stolen - Ifor Williams HB510 Trailer
Blue, 9 years old but in very good condition. Serial no: 5011274
Trailer was cut from its security chain and taken from yard despite the nearby house being occupied.

7th April 17:00 – 8th 16.15April (Warminster area)
Ref: 54140032586
Theft; Unknown suspects have come onto the farm and stolen a JCB Loader.

17th April 18:30 – 18th April 09:00 (Warminster area)
Ref: 54140035856
Theft; Unknown suspect has stolen a quad bike from the location. The quad bike was left insecure as it was being used by several different people.

26th April (Westbury)
Suspicious incident; owners arrived at premises in morning to discover that a horse previously stabled (recovering from laminitis) was in yard/grass area. Both owners adamant that stable door was securely bolted before they left the previous evening, therefore suspicion is that horse was deliberately let out!


There have been 11 catalytic convertors stolen from vehicles since 5th April, 3 in Swindon, the remaining 8 from Sherston, Malmesbury area.

Scrap Metal

Batteries stolen from electric fence units is an ongoing problem, but we are seeing a general increase in scrap metal theft countywide again.

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Re: Wiltshire Horsewatch - 2011 to 2014

Post by wizthebest » 20 Jun 2014, 9:11 pm

May 2014

Reported Incidents: (Wiltshire Horsewatch & Farmwatch)

10/05/2014 (Bushton, Swindon area) POL – 54140042658
Theft: Hartland Pony Sport carriage, Ifor Williams HB510 Trailer and harness.

Carriage - black and silver. The shafts are detachable and are specific to fit a pony 13hh to 14hh. The driver’s seat is faux leather and the groom’s seats are again black leather. Attached to the back of the carriage is bicycle lights, a spares bag with hoof pick, knife and spare leather straps.
Harness - Tedex Zilco, cob size made of nylon with stainless fittings in a suit style bag with a zip all around.
Trailer - green and silver colour. The exit ramp on the driver’s side still had the plastic wrap on it as it comes from the factory. The above taken from an open fronted car port.

08-09/05/2014 (Westbury area)
Theft: Hotline fencer, battery and solar panel used to energise battery.
(No further details available).

02/05/2014, POL – 54140040389
(Ramsbury, Marlborough area)
Theft - Ifor Williams tipper trailer: Offenders broke padlock from gates and entered farm yard where they removed a TT85 - Serial Number 288439

09-10/05/2014, POL – 54140042744 (Collingbourne Ducis, Marlborough area)
Theft: Land Rover Defender 90 TD. Green Open back land rover with black metal frame at rear and one black metal bar roof rack across. Index HG51 OCN

05/05/2014, POL-54140041093 (Collingbourne Ducis, Marlborough area)
Theft: High value Organic Grass seed, 201 x 15kg bags of grass seed taken from insecure barn between 2.00pm 04/05/14 and 8.20am 05/05/14.

27/04/2014, POL-54140038499 (Compton Bassett, Calne area)
Theft: Green Land Rover 90 Defender TDI. Stolen between 25th April, 18.30hrs and 26th April, 14.00hrs from farm location. Index S259 KOJ

29-30/04/2014, POL-54140039370 (Westwood, Bradford on Avon area)
Theft: Ifor Williams single axle flatbed trailer. Padlock removed from gate and trailer taken from stable yard along with electric fencing.

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Re: Wiltshire Horsewatch - 2011 to 2014

Post by TracingEquines » 27 Jul 2014, 11:49 pm

Reported Incidents: (Wiltshire Horsewatch & Farmwatch)

POL-20140707-0196 - 07/07/2014 (North Bradley, Trowbridge area)
Horse mane cut - Owners checked horse at 1630 and found that its mane had been cut! A pair of scissors found within paddock. The horse not injured but was a little spooked.

POL-20140622-0301 - 22/06/2014 (Badbury Wick, Swindon)
Suspicious male on private land. The male broke through electric fencing, breaking several posts. Male, described as white, pale grey t-shirt, dark trousers and dark baseball cap. (no further info)

Be aware… Your vehicles might be at risk!

Not specifically a horsey issue, but due to the high number of catalytic converters (CATS) stolen from vehicles across the county during the last month, it’s worth a mention, particularly as CATS are more easily accessible on 4x4 vehicles and horseboxes because of the higher ground clearance.

CATS reported stolen in June:
18/06/14 – 4 from Warminster
19/06/14 – 4 from Melksham
21/06/14 – 4 from Melksham
22/06/14 – 7 from Salisbury
23/06/14 – 8 from Swindon/Salisbury/Chippenham
24/06/14 – 1 from Melksham

Thieves target these items for the high value metals (platinum, palladium and rhodiumused) used in the exhaust system. This section of the exhaust is cut off leaving the affected vehicle un-useable and the owner facing an expensive bill for its replacement.

There are various anti-theft options available on the internet, ranging from alarms to high quality clamps, so it might be something to consider to safe guard your vehicle.

Good News

Fuel (domestic oil and red diesel) from rural premises is often targeted by thieves... Recently, the Rural Crime Team had reason to stop a white Ford Transit in the Amesbury area. When checked, it was found to be running on red diesel, carrying 2000 litres of red diesel plus an electric pump.

The van was seized, the driver given a fine of £535 (payable to the HMRC) and the red diesel was confiscated as the driver couldn't explain where he'd got it from!

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