9 February 2020
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Warwickshire HW - New Initiative For Trailer and Horse Boxes

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Warwickshire HW - New Initiative For Trailer and Horse Boxes

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New Initiative For Trailer and Horse Boxes
Posted on July 31, 2018 by admin

Warwickshire Horse Watch have joined with Warwickshire Police on a crime prevention initiative to help deter trailer and horse box thefts in the county. Reflective stickers are being provided to farmers in North Warwickshire for use on their agricultural equipment. Warwickshire Horse Watch is making them available for horse owners across the county for owners of trailers and horse boxes. The stickers are available as either A4 or A5. Due to demand a maximum of 2 can only be sent out per person/address. To receive a sticker send an appropriately sized stamped addressed envelope to Warwickshire Horse Watch, c/o Warwickshire Police, Council House, South St, Atherstone CV9 1DE.

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