18 January 2018
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Shamtar (Oakthwaite Shamtar), 15hh approx, black Arab mare

The adverts in this section have no location posted. Please help locate what area the horse is missing from.
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Shamtar (Oakthwaite Shamtar), 15hh approx, black Arab mare

Post by TracingEquines » 26 Jul 2014, 1:31 pm

Oakthwaite Arabians - https://www.facebook.com/pages/Oakthwai ... 5659495299
Email - ashstead AT hotmail.co.uk

Oakthwaite Shamtar, Black, Arabian, Mare.
Three white socks; front left above fetlock, front and back right over mid way up low legs, white hooves. Back left black with black hoof. White star and snip, with flesh mark around snip. 15/15.1hds ? Born 18th May 1998. 16yrs

This is a breeders worsted nightmare and I truly need the help of everyone that reads this message and please share with your friends.

I sold this Mare as a filly to a lovely home, to cut a long story short, a couple of homes later. I think she has ended up being part of a serious neglect case, where horses and other animals have been starved to death.

The photo is of Shamtar winning at county level, she is the dam of the gelding that won The Red Dragon, 160km last year.

Does anyone know Shamtar's fate? I have just emailed the AHS with a request for information,(it was a statement I read on the AHS web site tonight that has alerted me to this horrid situation) but the documentation for the horses rescued may not have been provided when they were saved, and I say saved, on human grounds they may have had to be put to sleep. I will be grateful for any information,

In advance THANK YOU for your help. Kind regards Helen xx

(photo hosted on new TE gallery)

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