18 January 2018
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(ned stolen) Southern Comfort, bay mare

The adverts in this section have no location posted. Please help locate what area the horse is missing from.
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(ned stolen) Southern Comfort, bay mare

Post by TracingEquines » 08 Mar 2012, 5:04 pm


Date of Birth 01-Jan-2002
Gender Female
Colour Bay
Breed Horse
Submitted by Weatherbys ID Passports
(ID Passports do not include Pedigree)
Birth Country Not supplied by PIO

User Added Equine Details - SOUTHERN COMFORT

This information has been supplied by the owner of this equine and has not been verified by NED or the passport Issuer

The owner has flagged this equine as Stolen

Reported on 1-Aug-2005

Identification information

Current Height
Current Colour Bay

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