21 February 2019
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charlie 13.1 grey gelding 20yo

The adverts in this section have no location posted. Please help locate what area the horse is missing from.
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charlie 13.1 grey gelding 20yo

Post by emmahus » 17 Nov 2014, 6:16 pm

Hi, I am hoping to find my old pony.
He meant the world to me and I still care for him an awful lot and would love to know he is being well looked after as he deserves it!
Due to a breach of an agreement unfortunately he was passed on from his last home and we have no idea as to his whereabouts.
His name is Charlie (Perrymans Charlie Verbascum) he is almost 20 years old.
Charlie was sold approximately 4 years ago to a home we believe to be in Maidstone and it is from there that we have lost contact.
From a young age he was dapple grey but with older age he is now white/flea bitten.
He is around 12.2hh.
He has never been keen on men, clippers, vets or the dentist.
He is also mildly liminitic.
He is in no way ‘naughty’, maybe the odd spook but nothing serious at all and has always had an incredible jump!
PLEASE SHARE and help me find my little man!
Thank you!!!

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Re: charlie 13.1 grey gelding 20yo

Post by TracingEquines » 14 Mar 2017, 11:13 pm

Emma is still looking for Charlie

Charlie was owned by Emma in East Sussex and her yard owner sold him to "Annie" in Maidstone. This lady called Annie has since sold Charlie on to someone else in the Maidstone area.

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