9 February 2020
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Seren, 14.3hh, Dapple Grey, Connemara x Thoroughbred, Mare

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28 January 2018
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Seren, 14.3hh, Dapple Grey, Connemara x Thoroughbred, Mare

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Seren is my current mare whose history/photos I'm trying to track down. The only information I have is who I bought her from and the year she was born. She had no microchip, no brand mark, no passport - dodgy I know, but we were oblivious first time horse owners! Any help would be brilliant.

Name - Seren
Colour - Dapple Grey (the photo is a recent one, in 2008 she had darker dapples and a darker mane and tail)
Breed - Connemara x Thorough Bred
Height - 14.3hh
Born - 2000
Purchased - November 2008
Previous Owner - Donna Maddock, Mold/North Wales
Known History - Seren previously belonged to a family whose child had become bored of Seren, so Donna who worked as horse trainer there bought her. But 6 months later Seren was quickly sold to me. (I'm not sure how much of this is correct as I was 16 and the excitement of my first horse distracted me at the time). I have tried to contact Donna with emails several times over the years but have had no answer.

I know this isn't much information but I figured it was worth a go and see if anyone knew anything.

Thanks for any help :)


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