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tracing ex racehorse - Charming Lotte

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tracing ex racehorse - Charming Lotte

Post by alisegray95 » 07 Apr 2014, 9:53 pm

In desperate need to find info on Charming Lotte. I know she has raced since 2 years old in the UK. She's 17 years old now. I want to know what she has done after that career. How many foals has she had? Who has owned her? How was she as a race horse? I know her trainer was Nigel Tinkler & she was sent to stud by Mike Gosse. Anything about her would be greatly appreciated!!

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Re: tracing ex racehorse - Charming Lotte

Post by TracingEquines » 07 Apr 2014, 10:07 pm

Just taken quickly from the Racing Post website
For information on how she was during racing, I suggest contacting the trainers mentioned and ask them about her

Charming Lotte Race record

17-y-o (31Mar97 b m)
Nicolotte (7.7f) — Courtisane (Persepolis (FR ) (10.8f))
Current Trainer - Nigel Tinkler
Current Owner The Penniless Partnership
Breeder T J Cooper

Other Trainers
Don Enrico Incisa until 21 Mar 2002
Nigel Tinkler until 04 Jun 2001
P Shakespeare until 20 Mar 2000

Other Owners
Mike Gosse until 14 Jul 2002
Don Enrico Incisa until 21 Mar 2002
Mike Gosse until 04 Jun 2001
Midas Touch until 20 Mar 2000

First race - April 1999
Last race - August 2002

CHARMING LOTTE (GB) Progeny record

17-y-o (1997) b mare
Sire: Nicolotte (7.7 f)
Dam: Courtisane
Dam's Sire: Persepolis (FR ) (10.8 f)

Primo Valotte, B, F, y (mare)
Primo Valentino (Nicolotte)
Born 2003 - http://www.racingpost.com/horses/horse_ ... horse_form

The Italian Job, B, F, y (mare)
Bertolini (Nicolotte)
Born 2004 - http://www.racingpost.com/horses/horse_ ... horse_form
Unfortunately died as a 3 year old

Frizzini, B, C, y (gelding)
Bertolini (Nicolotte)
Born 2005 - http://www.racingpost.com/horses/horse_ ... horse_form

Found May 2017 = Noble Attitude (mare)
Born 2006 - http://www.racingpost.com/horses/horse_ ... horse_form

Found May 2017 = Gladys´ Gal, B, F, f (mare)
Tobougg (Nicolotte)
Born 2008 - http://www.racingpost.com/horses/horse_ ... horse_form

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Re: tracing ex racehorse - Charming Lotte

Post by George » 12 May 2017, 9:47 pm

Please contact me- I know lotte and have 2 of her off spring!

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