9 February 2020
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Joe aka Splash 13.2 coloured gelding

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18 January 2018
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Joe aka Splash 13.2 coloured gelding

Post by Kybrocky »

13.2 2008 gelding. He's black and white with distinctive dents in his side right where the girth sits each side.. I have got some history from him up till 2016 when the pervious owners first got him.. It's lovely he's a lovely boy that's very talented with jumping and all round flatwork. There are roomers he came from travelers who used to drive him I would love to know his history prior to 2016 to know the ponies life alittle more. He is he's very skittish but genuine there are things he just can't cope with and I would love to see how he's bred.. He came from Ireland and the breeder on his passport isn't much help at all couldn't remember him what so ever. Joe's aka splashs passport is unknown as his passport is a duplicate. If anyone can help at all with any information at all prior to 2016 I would be truly grateful there has been a injury to this boy some how and I would be honored to be able to understand him better and help him more to give him the best future x thank you so much for reading the post I can only wait and wish someone to come forward x
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