18 January 2018
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Trying to find Gemini

The adverts in this section have no location posted. Please help locate what area the horse is missing from.
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Trying to find Gemini

Post by Joanne_21_07 » 10 Sep 2018, 9:13 pm

Trying to trace my horse Gemini the joker (Gemini) he was sent to a man who promised to bring him on he put him up for sale the same day he got him desperately trying to find him

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Re: Trying to find Gemini

Post by TracingEquines » 16 Oct 2018, 9:47 am

People need more information so they can help you find Gemini

About Gemini

What height is he ?
What colour is he ?
Is he a gelding ?
What age is he ?
Do you have any photos of him that can be added to this post for you ?
Is Gemini microchipped ? Do you know the number ?
Is Gemini freezemarked ? Do you know the number ?

About the man

What date was Gemini sent to the man ?
Where does the man live ?
Are you willing to name the man ? (inbox me if you would prefer)
Did you sign any paperwork when you let Gemini go to be brought on ?
Was Gemini put up for sale using his own name Gemini, or a different name ?
Do you know of any adverts showing Gemini for sale ?

Have you informed your local Horsewatch group ?
Have you spoke to the police ?

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