18 January 2018
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Kivells, Devon - April 2015 to June 2015

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18 January 2018
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Kivells, Devon - April 2015 to June 2015

Post by TracingEquines » 14 Nov 2015, 11:58 pm

14th April 2015
Exeter Livestock Centre
Matford Park Road, Exeter, Devon, EX2 8FD

Horses and Ponies

Lot 1. ‘SMARTY’ 11 year old, 15.2hh Liver Chestnut Mare. She is a very nervy horse but kind. She needs regular work and she can jump show jumps, cross country. Has done showing and done well. Nice horse but hot. She has hunted but will not stand still.

Lot 2. ‘COI SILVER SAPPHIRE’ 3 year old, 11.2hh Cremello Filly. Welsh Section A Filly. Registered with WPCS. Very well bred, ready to back or show in-hand. Only for sale as over stocked.

Lot 3. ‘SARUM SERENADE’ 6 year old, Gray Mare. Registered Welsh Section A Mare has had a foal. Not broken. Very well bred, ready to back or show this season. Only for sale as over stocked.

Lot 4. ‘FLOWER HAVEN’ 13 year old, 16hh Bay Mare. Now a broad mare, has had two foals. Her racing career ended because of tendons.

Lot 5. 7 year old, 16hh, Irish Draught Sports Horse. Won and placed dressage in county championships.

Lot 6. Consignment of Gypsy Cob X Mares and Youngsters
Lot 7.
Lot 8.
Lot 9.
Lot 10.
Lot 11.
Lot 12.
Lot 13.

Lot 14. 13 year old, 16hh, Registered Wetherbys Chestnut Gelding. Super hack, snaffle mouth. Loves to jump and has done sponsored rides.

Lot 15. 4 year old, 15hh Spotted Mare. Well handled, lunged, bitted, long reined and been sat on. Very easy laid back temperament.

Lot 16. 5 year old, 13hh Traditional Coloured Mare. Very quiet, show quality.

Lot 17. Rising 2 year old, Registered Section C Top Quality Gelding. HOYS parentage and he will be a top class show prospect.

Lot 18. 6 year old, 13.2hh Black Cob Gelding. Well handled, good to load. Kept as a pet/companion. Unbroken but ready to go, been in same home for five years.

Lot 19. ‘WIDLAKE PLAY ME A TUNE’ 4 year old, 15.1hh approx. Piebald Gelding. This lovely marked 4 year old Gelding is easy to do, and has been shown successfully in hand as a Native but could have his feathers taken off to make a Cob. He’s now ready to go on and be broken and taken on under saddle in any sphere. He has lived out all winter, been on his own or company. Always good in the stable and with the farrier – a true gentleman.

Lot 20. ‘CAWSANDSCARAMOCHE’ 5 year old, 11.2hh Brown Gelding. ‘Scaramoche’ is good to catch, load and has been ridden on the lead rein. He is a Registered Dartmoor Pony.

Lot 21. ‘BUZZ’ 7 year old, 16hh Skewbald Gelding. Won and placed dressage and showing, seen hounds and is a balanced quiet hack. Snaffle mouth and not strong, super kind temperament with people and horses. 100% traffic, clip, catch etc. Up to date with flu/tetanus, teeth and worming. Sadly for sale owing to my niece’s health.

Lot 22. 4 year old, 14.2hh very unusual Chestnut Roan Traditional Cob. Super confirmation and outstanding movement. Very well handled, ready to break. Would excel in show ring. Happy to live in or out.

Lot 23. ‘ANNADALE WEATHER GIRL’ 4 year old, 12.2hh approx. Liver Chestnut Mare. Sire ‘Soudley Taliesin’ and Dam ‘Dowhills Weather Girl’. Weather Girl is a very smart mare by HOYS Champion ‘Soudley Taliesin’. She has been lunged and long reined around the lanes/farm. Over this Easter she has been backed and has been ridden on the lanes. She is a very sweet pony and very willing to learn. I cannot take her any further as I have no jockey, a chance to buy a top class pony from the breeders.

Lot 24. 9 year old, 14hh Dun Irish Connemara Mare. By ‘Ballinboy Tom’ out of an unregistered Connemara Mare. Super type. Broken to ride and drive as a 3/4 year old. Due to unforeseen circumstances not done much since. Would require re-breaking or make a super brood mare.

Lot 25. 4 year old, 14hh to mature to 14.2hh Cob Gelding. Very quiet and genuine. Has had tack on but sadly due to owner’s disability unable to further his education. Will make excellent riding/driving Cob.

Lot 26. ‘BILLIE’ 4 year old, 13.2hh Black and White Piebald Mare. Just broken, ridden away, has seen traffic. This would make a super traditional show pony. Quiet to handle, would suit someone to bring on.

Lot 27. ‘BETTY’ 4 year old, 14hh Piebald Mare. Broken and ridden away. Has seen traffic. Real friendly little Mare. Would suit someone to bring on.

Lot 28. ‘SHAY’ 9 year old, 13.2hh Registerd New Forest. Drives in all traffic. An easy pony to have around the yard. Very reluctant sale due to child outgrowing her. She has also jumped cross country, done some show jumping, happily works in an outline.

Lot 29. Onwards – Sale Day Entries. Details at time of sale.

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Re: Kivells, Devon - April 2015 to June 2015

Post by TracingEquines » 14 Nov 2015, 11:59 pm

12th May 2015
Exeter Livestock Centre
Matford Park Road, Exeter, Devon, EX2 8FD

Horses and Ponies

Lot 1. ‘ROSS WALDORF’ 2 year old Bay Gelding, 14hh to make 15hh, Ross is a lovely 2 year old Weslsh Section D registered. He is well handled, wormed etc. He has been a companion so gets on with all equines. His Dam is 101852 ‘Ross Dolly Dee’ and his Sire is 75553 ‘Geler Waldo’

Lot 2. ‘BUCKS FIZZ’ Lovely 4 year old, Coloured/Spotty Gelding, 14.2hh approx. Fizz is broken in and rides out quietly with others. Good in traffic, not spooky, walks out in front or behind. He has very extravagant paces and trots over poles. Quite sensitive so needs experienced person.

Lot 3. ‘GLENFIELD MISCHIEF MAKER’ 2 year old Bay Gelding, 13hh, out of Welsh C type Mare has been shown, doing well, seen farrier, been walked out on the roads. Will make a cracking jumping/pony club pony later on, also halter and had bridle on.

Lot 4. ‘WILLIAM’ 5 year old Black/White Piebald Gelding, 14.2hh. He is lovely, kind and quiet in all respects. He has been professionally broken to drive in harness, single and pair. Quiet in traffic and stable, only for sale due to owner’s ill health. Came from Ridgeway Wantage, bought here as a 2 year old.

Lot 5. ‘PETE’ 5 year old Black/White Gelding, 14.2hh. Sound, lovely temperament, easy to handle and well mannered. Broken to drive single and pair. Good in traffic and stable. Ready to bring on for this season, only for sale due to owner’s ill health.

Lot 6. ‘OAKLEYVAIL AMBERS DELIGHT’ 3 year old, 15hh Chestnut Filly Arab x Quarter Horse. I have bred this filly myself. She has not been handled but will come to you in the field. She has a good temperament. This filly would do well in the show ring or would make a good family all-rounder. All she needs is some time spent on her. So would make an ideal summer project, so she is totally green. She is here to be sold.

Lot 7. ‘ALI G’ 4 year old, Registered Weatherbys Bay Gelding, 15.3hh. Sire: ‘Oratorio’, Dam: ‘Whassup’. Kind genuine horse, broken in this year and rising out nicely alone and in company. He has a lovely temperament and is proving to be a super horse. Just started schooling, jumping coloured fences, excellent in traffic. Sound and vice free!

Lot 8. ‘SUPERINJUNCTION’ 6 year old, Registered Weatherbys Chestnut Mare, approx. 15.1hh. Sire: ‘Van Nistelrooy’, Dam: ‘Wait it Out’. Hunted this season on the Quantocks. Well behaved, ridden by a young girl who has also competed her. Hacked alone and in company, excellent in traffic. Sound and vice free.

Lot 9. ‘SADLERS DANCER’ 6 year old, approx. 16hh, Registered Irish Sports Horse, Bay Gelding. Excellent ‘Sadlers Wells/Northern Dancer’ bloodlines. Dam: ‘Reena Froe’ Section A Premium BM. Works nicely in school, jumped everything asked of him. Hacked out alone and in company. Also done pleasure rides. He is proving to be a nice talented horse. Excellent in traffic, sound and vice free.

Lot 10. ‘TREVEGLOS LIBERTY’ 7 year old, approx. 14.2hh, Sports Horse, Bay Mare, by ‘Huckleberry Finn VII’. Working in a nice outline in school, good straight paces, jumping coloured and XC fences, hacking alone and in company, good in traffic. Bred a couple of foals, proving to be a nice mare to take on for summer shows.

Lot 11. ‘BOYSIE’ ID X TB Bay Gelding, approx. 16.1hh. Hunted this season on the Quantocks. Hacked alone and in company, good in traffic, jumps a good fence. Sold as end of season and reducing stock.

Lot 12. ‘GOLLYWOG’ 11 year old, 14.1hh Black Irish Cob Mare. Been used in RDA and in riding school, ridden by children and adults, mostly novices. Jumps coloured and XC fences, hacked alone and in company, excellent in traffic. Had teeth done, sound/vice free.

Lot 13. ‘JO’ 13 year old Chestnut Mare, approx. 15.3hh. Sire: ‘Magic Ring’, Dam: ‘Name that Tune’ & Dam’s Sire: ‘Fayruz.’ Used as a Broodmare for six years, bred four foals which have all done well. Reason for sale is I am cutting done on breeding. She has been handled well, shown in-hand with foal at foot. Good in stable. A good genuine, honest mare with good breeding.

Lot 14. ‘LILY’ 12 year old, 12hh Chestnut Mare. Very sweet pony, outgrown by my twelve year old grand-daughter. Been out of work, come back into work and coming along nicely. Very sweet pony for children to ride and handle.

Lot 15. ‘GEORGE’ 4 year old, 14.2hh, outstanding Traditional Cob. He is very well handled and ready to break. He has outstanding movement and loads of feather. Will make top class show cob and is entered at Devon County. He’s easy to do in all ways, full BSPA passport.

Lot 16. 3 Coloured Cobs 5-6 years old, further details at time of sale
Lot 17.
Lot 18.

Lot 19. Onwards – Sale Day Entries. Details at time of sale.

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Re: Kivells, Devon - April 2015 to June 2015

Post by TracingEquines » 15 Nov 2015, 12:01 am

9th June 2015
Exeter Livestock Centre
Matford Park Road, Exeter, Devon, EX2 8FD

Horses and Ponies

Lot 1. ‘CHANLEE PAUSE FOR THOUGHT’ 9 year old, 13.2hh Registered British Riding Pony (NPS passport) Bay Gelding. Up to date with back, teeth, injections etc Has been out of work for 6 months and does need a confident rider as can be sharp and quick. Lovely paces, heading turning ‘look at me’ presence, with good bloodlines (Copybush and Sedgelands High Society lines) and very good confirmation. Before being out of work he showed scope over both rustic and coloured fences, jumped easily 90cm at home with scope to go bigger. Has previously competed unaffiliated novice dressage and show jumping and has hunted and cross country and shown in hand being placed well. Good with farrier and is currently barefoot, but good to shoe. Stands lovely in the stable to be fussed and brushed. Can get excited when hacking out with more than one horse, but nothing a confident, competent rider would not be able to handle. Can live in or out, comes to call. Does not crib, weave, wind-suck and never been lame.

Lot 2. ‘TYNE VALENTINA’ 10 year old, 16.2hh Bay Mare. Thoroughbred mare who has been out of work for 6 months due to owner’s illness. Up to date with vaccinations, feet, back and worming. Has only been under the saddle since September 2013 as was previously used as a broodmare. Weathbys passported and micro-chipped, never raced. Sire; ‘Mark of Esteem’ (IRE) Dam; ‘Tyne Angel’ (out of Sabrehill USA). Good to handle on the ground and was working well in the school and showing scope over both coloured and rustic fences before being out of work. She has been out to shows, run rides, hacked and been to a hunt where she was brave and well behaved. She is good with dogs, tractors and traffic and hacked alone and with company and never became fizzy or hot-headed. Ridden in a snaffle in all disciplines and has very good brakes. Never bolted even in open spaces (been ridden by 14 year old beginner rider as well). During winter she maintained weight very well just on hay. Can live in or out with mares or geldings. Does not crib, wind-suck or weave. No known health issues and never been lame. Does have a few scars on legs from hunting but never caused an issue and healed well on their own.

Lot 3. ‘BUBBLES’ 8 year old, 12hh Bay Mare. My name is Bubbles and I have lived happily at my current home for 18 months. I was born on the moor and spent about a year at a riding stable. I am well behaved out hacking and do not mind any traffic, fast or slow, big or small. I like to be groomed and am happy to be bathed and hosed. I don’t mind the farrier trimming my feet and I have always been unshod. I am good to load because it usually means I am going somewhere exciting. I would be an ideal second pony for a keen child or am happy to carry a small adult. I love to be busy and think I would enjoy jumping or gymkhana games.

Lot 4. ‘MINY MO’ 10 year old, 14.2hh approx., Bay Mare. Has done R/C activities. Will hack alone and in company. Good jump with excellent movement. Nicely put together with god conformation. Not suitable for novices.

Lot 5. ‘ASHLEY TEMPEST’ 3 year old, 14hh Bay Fully Registered New Forest Gelding. Lovely length of rein and show quality pony. Quiet to handle, catch, tie up etc. Has had feet trimmed and wormed regularly.

Lot 6. ‘PENNYFARTHING SAMPSON’ 5 year old, 14.3hh Bay TB x New Forest Gelding. Lovely looking gelding, ready to break.

Lot 7. ‘PENNYFARTHING CHILLI’ 4 year old, 14.3hh TB x New Forest Bay Filly. Lovely filly, ready to break.

Lot 8. ‘PENNYFARTHING SWEETMAID’ 5 year old, 14.3hh TB x New Forest Brown Filly. Ready to break.

Lot 9. ‘FLASH’ 2 year old, 13.3hh Palomino Colt

Lot 10. ‘TAMBROOK TOUCH THE SKY’ 9 year old, 15hh Registered Part bred Welsh Bay Gelding

Lot 11. ‘WINSCOMBE DANDY’ Yearling, to make 14.2hh approx. Piebald Colt. Traditional cob, very friendly, good temperament. Wormed and halter broken.

Lot 12. ‘WINSCOMBE ALICE’ 6 year old, 14.2hh Piebald Mare

Lot 13. Welsh part bred 3 year old Chestnut Filly. Halter broken and regularly wormed. Ready to be broken.

Lot 14. ‘I SHOULD BE SO LUCKY (KYLIE)’ 7 year old, 15.3hh Chestnut Mare. Lovely mare would take to any sphere. Good in all ways, has raced and hunted. Would make great, great teenager’s or lady’s horse. Been used to hack out with seven year old daughter. Sad sale but over-stocked. Crib-biter.

Lot 15. ‘FURMAGIATT’ 11 year old, 16.3hh Bay Gelding. This good looking chap has raced and hunted, is good in traffic and to box, clip and shoe. Hacks alone or in company first or last. Would make the perfect gentleman’s hunter or team chaser.

Lot 16. ‘PENNWOOD MURANO’ 4 year old, 13hh approx., Grey Gelding. Registered Welsh Section B by ‘Littlebyrom Harry Potter (HOYS Finalist 2014 – see Page 387, WPCS 2015 Journal). Left to mature, now ready to break and go on with in any sphere.

Lot 17. ‘WESTBROOK CHEVALIER’ 5 year old, 12.2hh, Chestnut Roan Gelding. Lofty is a Registered Welsh Section B by ‘Mollegaards Don Pedro’. Great prospect for M & M F/R, WHP, Pony Club etc. Lofty moves well and is going to make someone’s child very happy.

Lot 18. ‘TOYA MAYBEE HUMBLE’ 9 year old, 13hh approx. Dark Brown (Black) Gelding. Blackie is black with a star. Not broken due to being over-stocked and lack of time. He is registered with WPCS, part bred Welsh.

Lot 19. ‘ROCKYVIEW BEACH BOY’ 9 year old, 13hh approx. Palomino Gelding. Bought to break and bring on but due to being over-stocked and lack of time Rocky has not been broken. He is registered with WPCS, part bred Welsh.

Lot 20. ‘TOYA SAINT GEORGE’ 6 year old, 14hh approx. Chestnut Gelding. George is a registered Welsh part bred and a grandson of ‘Fleur-De-Lys IV’. Good looking pony with movement to match. Not broken due to being over-stocked and lack of time.

Lot 21. ‘LLANFILO CONNIE’ 7 year old, 11.2 approx. Grey Mare. Registered Welsh Section a by ‘Llanfilo Master Prophet.’ Connie has been shown locally in hand with success. Good to load, bath and catch, and a great mover.

Lot 22. ‘CANDY’ Section A Bay Roan Filly, born 2002. Been a broodmare. Is rideable as a lead rein pony; a 21 year old has been riding her in the last month. Very nice little mare who has bred a lot of good foals.

Lot 23. 7 year old, 15.2hh Dapple Grey Welsh Cob, Apolosa x, Backed and turned away. For sale on behalf of a client, owner never had time to get going with her.

Lot 24. ‘THUNDER’ 14 year old, 13hh Skewbald Gymkhana Pony. Fast forward going, snaffle mouth. Has done fun rides, games and hunted with Weston and Banwell. Good to catch, shoe and load. Brilliant pony has had lots of fun with me but sadly outgrown him which forces sale.

Lot 25. ‘KEN-E’ 10 year old, 11.2hh Welsh Section A Grey Gelding. He is an ideal lead rein pony. He has done pony club, hunted, and a little bit of jumping but not very much. He has won lead rein classes and mountain and moorland classes at North Devon and Woolsery shows. He is good to shoe, box, clip etc. He will live in or out, with or without company. He has never had sweet itch or

Lot 26. ‘WIDLAKE DIAMOND JUBILEE’ Ronnie is a 3 year old, 15.1hh Piebald Tobiano Filly. She is out of a TB x Irish Draught Mare by a Cob (‘Amadeus’). This lovely homebred filly has been well handled and easy to do, always wants to please. She will go out on her own or with company. Was shown as foal/yearling with a good record. She is now ready to be broken and taken on. She has been wormed up-to-date, good with farrier and to load and has a lovely temperament.

Lot 27. ‘DEXTER’ 5 year old, 16.2hh Skewbald Gelding. Dexter was broken as a four year old and ridden on, doing some fun rides and hunting by a teenager. He was then turned away to mature, now recently brought back into work. He is good to shoe, box, clip, traffic and is a quick learner. He can be ridden in the heaviest of traffic. Ready to go on.

Lot 28. Onwards – Sale Day Entries. Details at time of sale.

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